Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St Patrick's Day

Wearing green for the day, and feeling a bond with the few other people on the tram, the street and at work, I sat through a working St Patrick's Day...just wrong!

Unable to wait much longer longer, Kylee, Steve and I left the office just a minute or two after 5pm, and jumped on the 96 tram. We made our way to the Dan O'Connell, in North Carlton for their growing tradition of the Party in the Park.

Pints of Guinness were in order first up, followed quickly by much loved Bulmers! We claimed a spot out amongst it, with Maya and baby Noah soon joining us, and then Mary. Irish music, and accents all around us.

Little Noah attracted drunk Irish girls and guys, as we moved to beers, and taking in the festivities and dress-ups around us. We remembered to eat a little late really, and soon it was Noah's, and the rest of our, hometime, on this school night.

I am wearing my hangover today, with pride! It's still a novelty!

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