Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forest For The Trees

For the past week, this is the view that has been occupying my peripheral vision on both sides for around 12 hours...good, healthy Aussie bush.

Covering an area since Friday for work, from Portland to just north east of Bendigo, and then add the travel to Melbourne and back twice for uni, I have driven some serious Ks! This shot is actually taken around Frog Hollow, between Bendigo and Daylesford. But it could have been taken at so many points along the way, cos this scene appears all up and down sections of these country Victoria roads.

So, while I am spending hours trying to concentrate on staying within the white lines on my side, staying awake and alert, and not too far over the speed limit, I did take the time to marvel at the beauty that this crazy workload and regional coverage exposes me to.

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