Sunday, November 21, 2010

Paparazzo and Phillip Morris

My final 2 MIFF sessions for the year, having missed just 2 scheduled sessions (oh, and the tough-to-get-to ones in the middle of the day on weekdays) for the festival, were both movies Jenny and I had in common. I drove down for both of them, and dinner and drinks to catch up with Jenny, plus Kate for the first.

Adrian Grenier's directoral debut, Teenage Paparrazo was one of them. A doco around the life of 13 year old Austin, who Grenier spotted one day in the throng of lens pointed at him. He meets, follows and joins this kid out on late night stake-outs, following tip offs all over Hollywood. A glimpse into this boy's life, his mother's take on it all, the impact turning the lens on the people in this line of work, and Grenier trying to get a handle on the world's facination with celebrity, to the point that this kid makes a living out of it. A great insight, and a facinating piece of reflection by the actor who plays a movie star!

I Love You Phillip Morris was the final session, where Jenny and I got to enjoy our love of Jim Carrey together. A conman, breaking hearts, Jim's character meets Ewan McGregor's Phillip Morris - a sweet, innocent lad, a destined match...made for jail, as it turns out. Ewan is breathtaking in this, and surely deserving of some award joy, given the portrayal so different from any other role he has played.

*Reviews not as in depth as desired, due to the length of time since viewing!

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