Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top 5: Covers

As I listen to Darren Hanlon do a version of Together In Electric Dreams (oh!) from the latest edition of Triple J's Like a Version, it occurs to me that so much of my music collection features songs covered by other bands. Love them! Another band or artist's take on someone else's track always impresses me!

The newly released He Will Have His Way: Songs of Neil and Tim Finn features some awesome versions, however Boy and Bear's Fall At Your Feet is sublime. The female version of this compilation is also amazing. But this track, with the lad's harmonies....oh!

Powderfinger's version of Portishead's Glory Box, which I found on an album called No Woman's Man. It's amazing!

And also from this album is Nothing Compares To You, by Dan Kelly - ridiculous!!

Ben Harper doing Sexual Healing on the Life From Mars albums is truly awesome.

Flame Trees by the The Cabramatta Sacred Heart School, which is featured on the Little Fish soundtrack is just gorgeous. The kids voices on the verses, the language changes, and then the full choir doing the beautiful!

Special mentions go to:
EJ Barnes and Liam Finn doing Neil Young's Old Man for Like a Version.

Angus and Julia Stone doing Tubthumping, and also Julia's version of Your The One That I Want. Oh, actually, these two have also released some B-sides on the Hollywood EP where Angus does lead vocals for Hollywood, and Julia does Just A sweet!

Xanadu on the special Cinema Blasko disk of As Day Follows Night, by Sarah Blasko.

Eddie Vedder doing You've Got To Hide Your Love Away for the I Am Sam good!


  1. I also love Boy and Bear's cover of Fall at your Feet. I downloaded it off itunes and noticed that it's the most popular song on the album.

    I've been impressed with Like a Version this year too. I bought a copy for myself (well, for Andrew for Christmas but you know how it goes :D).

  2. Both awesome albums.

    I have just got my hands on 'Before Too Long' which is a live tribute to Paul Kelly done last year.....also amazing!


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