Friday, November 12, 2010

Lions, Messenger and Wedding Party

My next installments for MIFF were each so varied...

Four Lions takes terrorism and jihads to a comical, scarily realistic level. A film about 4 guys in London who are preparing an attack - the plotting, the preparation, and the bumbling! This movie had the packed cinema laughing out loud almost constantly, with the comedy of errors these wanna-be suicide-bombers commit. A funny look on the very real paranoia that encompasses our world now, with a humanistic view of the other side of the story.

On the middle Saturday morning of the Festival, I went into town to see The Messenger, with Woody Harrelson. A harrowing story about the US Army's delivery of bad news to the families at home. So worth seeing, but leaves you with a fog of reality.

One of the most hyped movies of the festival was The Wedding Party, an Aussie premier. An ensemble cast of Aussie actors, old and upcoming, the collection of subplots lacked a bit of punch for me, and seemed to be just another dyfunctional family story. My highlight was probably hearing 'Nostravia', and the Russian shots of vodka, due to my recent travels!

*Reviews not as in depth as desired, due to the length of time since viewing!

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