Friday, June 29, 2012

High Park

I had read that High Park was Toronto's version of Central Park. It is a little way out of the city central area, but was easy enough to get to last weekend for a break from the bustle, on a glorious day. A streetcar down Queen Street West, and at the end of my time there in the park, I ended up on Bloor and took the subway back to the city - couldn't have been easier!

Walking from South to North, I first encountered the huge Grenadier Pond. Along the water's edge families were fishing, and ducks swam past. Apart from condo complexes in view at the edge of one end of the pond, you could be forgiven for forgetting you were in a major cityscape.

Further along the trail past the pond, I took the path that led me inwards to the park and the lush greeness. There is a mini train that can take you for a loop around the park, but walking allows you to take in the escape from the city in all it's glory.

This wander featured so many park animals, with a cluster of swans being fed by visitors, groups of ducks, and all sizes of squirrels!

Sitting on the incline of Hillside Gardens, I took the chance to read for pleasure for awhile, trying to get back into a pre-return to uni past time! From this vantage point, I could take in the maple leaf circle below, the iconic, patriotic feature of the park.

I can see from the map of the park that there are so many more elements to explore, like the zoo, the sports fields and playground, and the cherry blossoms at the right season. I did see the mini waterfalls, the fountain garden area, and the forest of the West Ravine Trails. A true retreat from the heat, the traffic and noise of the city.

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