Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Dress Well

Ahhh, no, I am not turning into a fashion blogger all of a sudden (if only I had a clue!! Ha!) - How To Dress Well is the name of the band that is Tom Krell, a Brooklyn artist. Natalie put a call out for a gig buddy, and I jumped at the chance to check out a new gig venue and a new band to me.

After work, we headed down Queen Street West and grabbed a table at The Beaconsfield for dinner. Once our meals were done we crossed the road, and found the Underground at The Drake. Canadian music venues seem orientated to seated punters to start, and so we found a couch around the outer edge of the room with the handful of others there.

The second band on the bill soon started, Prince Innocence. Just two of them, the girl's lead vocals were overshadowed by the talent of her accompanying musician playing a host of instruments. They held the crowd's attention, nonetheless.

How To Dress Well arrived on stage without much fuss, and started into his set - electro-experimental tunes, with an R&B feel, and a unique and captivating voice.

Krell was chatty throughout the set, and introduced many of his new songs from an upcoming album release. He really drew energy from the filled room, which added to the intensity of the show. Ending with Decisions as the encore, after contemplating requests from the audience, this was an enchanting set from a band who clearly have a loyal and strong following. One to keep an eye out for!

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