Tuesday, June 26, 2012

AGO and Picasso

Since arriving in Toronto and starting work, I have been walking past the Art Gallery of Ontario everyday and wanted to go in. On Wednesday last week, Natalie, Arielle and I went along after work, after a dinner and debrief from the first half of our week at Joe's with pizza and beer, in nearby Kensington Market.

Wednesday nights it is actually free entry at the AGO from 6pm, and half price for the special exhibit, which is currently the works of Picasso, on loan from the Musee National Picasso, Paris.

The exhibit works through the great artists' stages of work, from his stills and portraits, his Blue and Rose periods, being his paintings of the poor and homeless to using pinks and brighter colours.

The display also features many of his sculptures, and also his pieces with a variety of mediums, such as his Violin.

It was clear this man of many lovers, who died in 1973 at 92, after taking five wives and mistresses over this time, and having four children, was a boob man! His depictions of woman are a focus, and fascination, and something he worked through from his early art, through to his development of Cubism, and even in his later years.

Such a vast array of work, a whole room seemed to transform me back to Paris, with the Sacre Coeur being a memorable stand out for me.

I love the glass mold of the northern edge of the AGO, with the light reflecting the traffic below, it reminds me of a Christmas Beetle. This space inside the Gallery is so light-filled and spacious, and was the exit of Picasso. Here, Galleria Italia is the length of this space and it includes a cafe, and the large wooden doors back to the gallery rooms. We wandered through many of the maze-like rooms of Canadian art - the girls pointing out many of the more famous artists and pieces.

Picasso is here until August 26, and then I see Frida will take his place! How lucky Toronto is! I will miss this changeover, but I definitely see several more Wednesday visits to the AGO in the next few weeks to take in the rest of the regular collection, and also the unique building features of the Beetle!

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