Sunday, June 24, 2012

Toronto's Flatiron Building

The Gooderham Building, stands at the convergence of Wellington and Front Streets, just before St Lawrence Market, and is in that quirky shape like the iconic building in New York City. Actually, reading Why I Love Toronto, it turns out this one here in Toronto was built first, so perhaps I should say that the NYC one is like this one!

The building is so pretty, with it's turret and fire escape stairs running along it's sides. It is also sitting in the middle of a busy area, and stands with the tall CBD buildings behind it. Such a contrast.

The backside of the building has this poster hanging from it, showing you an image of what the inside may look like it the building was sliced opened from that end. It just adds to the magic of this building. A park then completes the oddly shaped city block, and it a lovely leafy space amid the city bustle.

On the bottom floor the building has it's only current occupants, a pub, which I think I definitely need to have a pint in sometime over the Summer. It looks so cute!


  1. This is one of my favourite buildings in Toronto! Funny that I just stumbled on your blog post this morning because I took my 8 year old into Toronto (from Oakville) on Friday for a walk down to St. Lawrence Market and around. She thought this building was so cool!

    1. How awesome - I think it's one of my favourites too! This shape of building has had me fascinated in San Francisco and NYC too!

  2. This is also one of my favourites too and thanks for the tip on the Tumblr account, it's so hard to find good information about the city.


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