Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Food, music, Sunday, Monday

Sunday, after shopping away in Oxford Street, and all those department stores, with Jenny, we headed to a new find of mine for dinner. I had happened upon St Christopher's Place last week - it's one of those hidden little alleys off a big London street.

Eat-Thai was the destination, and the mussaman curry was all it was dreamed to be. Mmmmmmm!

Monday night, the homeless lad currently living at our house, Charles, took me out for a little live Aussie music. He convinced me to attend brandishing the headline as an Alex Lloyd-type. Maybe in size...but still, Darren Hanlon was light and entertaining. It was good to hear some Aussie lyrics, where you could actually follow what he was on about! Even if they were about bizarre things, like Squash!! A very short but uncanny replica of a young Russell Crowe, the boy from Gimpy, Qld, was quite funny.

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  1. Hey Tash, they're playing a lot of him back here (JJJ). I like the "wish that i was beautiful for you" song. Good work tashy and those cds will be on the way soon (maybe even with a touch of bernard)!!


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