Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Xmas really only arrived for me once Jane was home, and she set up our tree. A real Xmas tree, from the Oxfam drive, it has made our house smell lovely, and feel suddenly like Xmas. All without hearing Last Christmas by Wham!

Post work Xmas party hangover, I caught a lift home to Ballarat with Jessie and Noodles. Katie had drinking games awaiting us, and we were soon in for a large night, with the customary night out in Ballarat around this time of year being like a school reunion everytime!

We went to JDs Sportsbar (as classy as it sounds!), for continuation of the drinking spirit. Loads of familiar faces out and about to say hi to, and catch up with. We finished up at the always disappointing Regent, before chips and gravy and a taxi got us all home.

On Xmas eve, I went to give presents to the babies, and hang out with Andrea and Dean for a bit. Cooper and Charli were not all that excited about the whole present unwrapping exercise, although they can be forgiven, considering that their new activity – crawling – can lead to so much more fun and trouble! I can’t believe how much these two are growing.

Xmas day had the usual exchange of gifts at home, and a yummy breakfast. Lunch was with Mum, Katie and Jessie, before we eventually popped in to the Murphy’s for a family catch up. Dinner, although noone had any room for it, was at home, with Melissa and Clinton joining us for our new tradition of seafood, drinks, and games.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Work Xmas Party

After a crazy, crazy, hard working week, beer o’clock finally reached us at 11.30am on Friday, for the beginning of our much anticipated work Xmas party. A quick meeting, with beer buffer, before we were loaded into taxis, with travelers, and taken to our lunch destination in South Melbourne.

Lunch was at ArchiBar, and was very nice. The drinks were flowing, hair was being let loose, and the salmon was lovely! Catching up with people who I work with, away from our desks, and pods, and phone, was quite fun! Also got to touch base with the guys from the Ballarat office, which was good too.

As lunch was winding up, and we had started to drink the bar dry, the group decided to brave the torrential rain, and make a run for the tram into Fed Square. A tucked away bar was found, and a credit card was offered, and thus the drinks and chatter flowed.

The group eventually made it across the road to Misty bar, where things started to get very messy. Was a great night though! I assisted a certain colleague into a taxi at the end of the night, she knows who she is! A large end to a very big and hard working year.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Michelle’s 30th

Last night I walked down to the Fitzroy Victoria Lawn Bowls Club, to mark Michelle’s 30th birthday. Dinner first, and a catch up with many of Michelle’s circle that I haven’t seen for some time, including family, and her returned sisters.

We then joined into teams, and tried to follow a lesson in the art and skill of lawn bowls….just grown up boche to me! Needless to say, our team didn’t pay all that much attention to the lesson, and preferred the old trial and error approach to our game of skill and giggle! Quite a bit of fun, and quite the popular activity on a summers evening!

Cupcakes from Sugadeaux, which were all sweet goodness, for the birthday cake, it was a lovely mellow evening to wish Michelle a happy birthday for the coming week.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Joss Stone

This weekend Miss Evie has been in town, on her annual trip home from Cambodia, and we got to catch up over many drinks. I also took her along to Polly in Brunswick Street as my date for Emy’s birthday drinks.

On Sunday, I caught up with the Melbourne BookCrossing gang for our Xmas brunch, before heading into town to meet Jenny for dinner. We had a bottle of wine and little yummy bits at Arintji Café in Fed Square, before making our way across the road to The Forum.

Joss Stone was in town, and she was fabulous! So full of soul, for someone so young, so sang, she chattered, she danced. Playing old and her new stuff, she was very cute.

Taking requests at one point, and persevering for Dirty Man, which she had actually forgotten the words to, she was fully into the gig, despite this being her last till she goes home. Full of energy, and grooving all the way through.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tim and Red Wine (Again)

On Saturday night, Melissa and Clinton, Jessie and Noodles and I met in the city for a few pre-show glasses of red, before heading to Manchester Lane. A little venue, we were placed in the top level seats with a good view due mainly to some thong wearing in our party! Oops!

After a massive week in politics, Tim actually made no mention of the change of government, which was surprising. Playing solo, just Tim and his piano, and the keyboard, there was plenty of banter, tale telling, and interaction.

The night was quite a warm one, and it got progressively warmer in the venue – to the point of effecting the tuning of the piano. Our music guru Clinton was commenting on how much out of tune it was getting as the set was going.

Many of the same songs played this night as at the Rocks Markets last month, Tim also pulled out Melbourne for the locals. Telling us that The Bear had died, it was cute that he seems to still be in touch with his girl from the rainy city!
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