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An Aussie country girl but surely a traveller of the world!

I started this blog when I set out to live and work in London, mainly to let family and mates back home know that I was still alive, and to share what I was up to. And save everyone's inboxes from the group travel email messages. From then, it has evolved into an amazing record of my travels, work and living experiences abroad, food and music finds, sporting attendances, and also bits and pieces from living back at home in Melbourne. Blogging has become a habit!

jouljet means 'like', or 'to love in your heart', in Khmer, and this is a phrase I loved when I was living in Cambodia, and thought it a fitting moniker for the things I write about here.

I have lived and worked in Ballarat, Melbourne, Nashville, Phnom Penh, London and Toronto. Currently I am flying into and out of Nauru for work, on a FIFO contract, working with asylum seekers.
  • Born and bred, and schooled, in Ballarat, I have moved back a number of times, as life had led me back for work or to the safe (and free) haven of my Mum's house!
  • I left for Melbourne almost as soon as I gained my driver's licence, and then grabbed a place at University to make the move real.  I love Melbourne, it's one of my favourite cities in the world, and the one I call home.
  • I took a working holiday visa to the USA over an Aussie Summer in my undergraduate studies, and lived in Nashville for 3 months, experiencing their Winter. I was visiting a mate who was au pairing there, and picked up work in the biggest hotel in the world (at the time, so they claimed!). This let me have the Millennium NYE in New Orleans - amazing!
  • I lived in Phnom Penh for 6 months in 2002-03, working as a volunteer in a shelter for girls,  My first real expat experience, and proper experience of a developing nation.  Cambodia and PP will always have a place in my heart, and a place I return to when I can.
  • Just like most Aussies, I hit up London for a working holiday in 2005, and stayed for almost 2 years.  Initially I worked as a live-in carer for people with spinal cord injury, I then found my way into the Occupational Rehabilitation sector.  This role let me earn a wage that allowed me to explore the parts of Europe at the top of my imaginary list, and also had me travel to many different areas of the UK to complete assessments and home visits.
  • In 2012 I completed a university placement as a Social Work Intern in Toronto, Canada.  I had a great time working and living in this city during their Summer for 3 and a half months, learnt so much, and met some amazing people!
  • I have university qualifications in Disability, Psychology, International and Community Development, and Social Work.  I think I am definitely addicted to study! Now a qualified Social Worker, seeking to work in advocacy roles for people around the world who need support and a voice.
  • I have worked in roles ranging from serving beer at the MCG, to working in a psychology role within the mental health sector.  The pull of Social Work has felt right for many, many years now, and I have now finished the university course that will let me be accredited in the field.
  • I have a strong interest in health and human rights, and will champion many issues that I feel strongly about. Refugee issues, gender equality, access to education, and disability rights will get me fired up!

I have a love of AFL footy, cricket and the tennis (order depends on the season), and a beer, or 3.
  • My footy following started off at a very young age, and has now become a family ritual.  When in Melbourne, I will go to every match of my team, and be completely involved all season.  And when I am away, I will listen in online at all hours, or seek out a pub to watch the match!  Just keen to be part of it!
  • Pairing my love of travel and cricket has led me to many, many new countries, watching the Australians play.
  • I have recently completed my Grand Slam, going to watch all four of the tennis Open tournaments around the world!
I am never without my iPod and a tune in my head.  Seeing live music is a passion of mine, and I always have my eye on the gig guide, wherever I am!

I live to travel!

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