Monday, June 29, 2009


After an amazing week away to exciting and wondrous places, we had the final weekend of our trip in Cairns. The boat bought us into dock, and we we able to walk to our hotel for the next two nights, to the Pacific International. Probably the least impressive hotel of our trip, and yet right where we wanted to be.

After check in, we wandered down the Esplanade, and found a spot for dinner, and took in the crowds and kids about dressed up for a big night out. We walked over to The Pier to check out the places to be, but ended up at the Reef Casino watching the footy, after our massive day.

Waking up to a crazy temperature day of 30C, we had our buffet breakfast before walking through town, to seek refuge in the main shopping centre, for some retail therapy. Hiding out here for the afternoon, we eventually ran out of shopping patience, and steeled ourselves for the walk back...with the promise of a swim in the hotel pool.

As the sun went down, we got ready for a big night out, with the first mission being finding coverage of the footy being played on the other side of the country, whilst Brisbane was playing AFL, and both types of rugby was being played. We thought we were on a winner in a pub near the shopping complex in the heart of town...only to be disappointed as the game was about to start. A mad dash back to the Casino, we found the Hawthorn v West Coast game, and settled in.

Many, many beers later, a small entourage, and heavy heart at the Hawks loss, we were led by a local to a bar called Gillians, which he said was the place to be on a Saturday night. A massive backpackers bar, more beers, loads of people....that'll do! And like most in the world on this Saturday night out, we managed to have a dance to Michael Jackson, marking his death this week.

Buffet breakfast the next morning, we requested a late check-out so that we could spend the last hours of our winter escape week away in the hotel pool, soaking in the sun. Perfect!

Getting all packed up to go out to the airport, we received a text to say our flight was delayed by a few hours. I had just put the double pegs on for flying! More time in this heat!!?? Filling time, we went to the docks to check out the US Navy ship which pulled into shore for a week stay....just as we were leaving.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Green Island

Leaving Palm Cove, Melissa and I drove down to Cairns, dropping off our treasured new hire car, to board another boat to get out amongst the Great Barrier Reef - this time across to Green Island. One of my new favourite places in the world!

As part of Melissa's package, we were to be Resort guests for the night over on the little island, 27 kms from Cairns in the Coral Sea. This island is actually a sea cay on the Reef, which is covered in rainforest vegetation - the best of both worlds. But to make it better, there is a resort of just 46 rooms, and a day service, of which the last departs at about 4.30pm, leaving the island to it's night guests.

We arrived and were greeted at the dock and taken to the resort, and shown the facilities. Here we checked into our room, which overlooked the rainforest, and could have seemed like there was noone else around.

Getting a lay of the island and it's activities on offer, we walked to the beach for a look, before having lunch and watching some nervous beginners prepare for their scuba dive in the resort pool. Ready for some sun and water, we collected snorkeling equipment (now that we were such experts!) and staked out our place on the beach.

Getting into the water sports idea, we decided to check out the water by first hiring two kayaks, and paddling around and over the reef. Getting used to the whole concept of rowing, but also taking in the sun and sea, the horizon and the alive water of fish and coral below us, we got a feel for what we would see with the snorkel.

But then taking on mask and flippers once more, and dipping our faces in, we really got to see the world of activity just under the surface. Again, so amazing! The colours, the array of fishies. We would just float over them, watching them go about their day. Such a treat!

With so much to squeeze into our night and two days on the island, we eventually called it a day in terms of all our water activities, and got ready for a night on the island. First up, from the jetty, there was the fish feeding, where different fish were pointed out, tempted to the surface with their daily feed from the marine biologist. Here we got to see stingray, turtles, and even a shark!

From here, we went to the bench again for sunset drinks. Champagne was served to guests, as the sun sank into the ocean in front of us. We then had dinner at the restaurant, Emeralds, Melissa having the risotto and I had the seafood laksa, with wine, of course!

The evening stargazing was offered from the pier as we finished our meal, and away from the lights of civilisation we had all the constellations pointed out to us, with an up close view through the telescope. Next up was a night walk - and our walk led us to the underwater observatory to see the reef activity at that hour.

The next morning, Melissa and I had agreed to get up early enough to have the island to ourselves, and complete a full lap around it - I mean, how often can you say you walked around the circumference of an island? Taking just under an hour, it was peaceful and calm, with Cairns coming into view for the last third of our walk. Buffet breakfast awaited us, before we prepared for a day in the water.

More kayaking, getting amongst the turtles, before we snorkeled at the same beach for the morning. A lunch snack got us through to join the glass bottom boat tour out to more Reef spots just off the island, with more big fishy activity and coral formations explained and wondered at with awe.

The water was so clear, and as we were told this day was the best they had had in years, we then snorkeled off the jetty to take in the colour and activity in this section. Breathtaking....even with the snorkel in place!

So much to do and see on this little island, with the sense that there is next to noone else around. Plus it seemed like such a privilege to be able to swim around and take in the natural activities of the underwater world below you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Palm Cove and Kuranda

Over dinner at the Sheraton Mirage, we were offered the treat of coming over the next morning for the full buffet breakfast and a swim. Hard to say no to! This is how we spent our morning on Tuesday, before leaving Port Douglas. Sun blazing, and swimming in the lagoon of this resort. Not bad! Ha!

We eventually called an end to our bonus resort experience, and started our drive down south for our next accommodation destination. After talking through our plans, we decided to pop into the outskirts of Cairns this afternoon, to see the Royal Flying Doctors Service headquarters. Here we walked through the museum like history room, before going out the back to board one of their old planes for a peek inside.

Taking me back to my beloved memories of one of my favourite TV shows, the Visitors Centre then had one of the nurses talk about the service, and then show a video about the work they do. Amazing service, and we were amazed at the coverage and numbers of people who use this service in the remote areas of our country.

Driving into Palm Cove, we actually trawled the tiny town to see if we could book ourselves in for a spa treatment for the afternoon. Not having any luck, we found out hotel and checked into the Rockford Esplanade - only to find that they had a service that could come to our room. So we both had a massage, much needed!

Walking along the main beach road of resorts, we had dinner at El Greco, with a full array of Greek goodies...sitting alongside Kevin Sheedy! There is no escaping footy, is there! An early night, ready for our early start the next day.

This morning we were picked up from our hotel by the Down Under Tours bus, and driven to the Freshwater train station. Here we ate breakfast, and walked through the museum to read about the history of the railway and it's feat of engineering, being built by hand, before boarding the train.

The Kuranda Scenic Railway winds its way through the mountains and rainforest, past Barron Falls, up to the town of Kuranda. Being told about the area, the history, and all the sites to see out the window of the train by the Michael Catton voiceover, we reached Kuranda. Here we wandered through the markets, before having a light lunch of scones and jam and cream at the pub.

From here, we walked to the SkyRail, and boarded a gondola for the ride down the mountains. The little pods allowed you to jump off at two different spots to take in the ranges and rainforest around us, including the other side of Barron Falls.

Next to the end of the SkyRail, we entered the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. We watched live actors and holograms enact the history of the Tjapukai people in the Creation theatre, after viewing art depicting these stories also. We then walked out to the grounds of the Park to watch a dance demonstration, with music, fire making...and even the chance to see American school kids called up to attempt to join in with the show.

From here we got to establish that Melissa could throw a boomerang and a spear...and that I throw like a girl! A lesson on bush medicines and an explanation of the challenges of Didgeridoo playing was next, before we were back to the main complex and the History Theatre, to hear the impact of white man's arrival to the area and to the Tjapukai people. They also told of the impact of having the above mentioned train track built through their sacred mountain ranges.

After such a full day, and again returning to our hotel as the weather started to cool, we talked ourselves into going for a dip in the hotel spa. We then moved to the hotel bar for Mojito and Pina Colada to mark the fact that I don't have DVT this year, one year on. Touch wood!! A massive curry for dinner, with wine, and we were exhausted and pissy enough to call it a night!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cape Trib and Hanging in the Canopies

Today we drove up from Port Douglas, up through the road where rainforest meets the sea, to Cape Tribulation. We crossed the Daintree River on the barge, and drove through fields of sugar cane, dwarfted by mountain ranges. Such a beautiful drive.

Driving past all the sugar trains had Darryl Braithwaite in my head instantly. We took at walk on the near deserted beach at Cape Trib, before a quick snack at the pharmacy in the middle of rainforest, where we were being met for our mornings activities.

Picked up in a 4WD, with a family of four and a couple, we were driven through the forest and mountain, to find our starting point for Jungle Surfing. The 8 of us were soon strapped into harnesses, complete with character hard hats, but two joking guides, who then too us up to the first of 5 platforms.

Melissa, being branded Lara Croft by her hard hat, was selected to fly through the air among the canopy of the rainforest first, flying fox style.

WonderWoman, um, that would be me, was up next, hooked up in full safety gear and instructions, before being flown over the rainforest floor on a cable from tree to tree.

Our guides catered to the fears of the kids, and one of the girls, in the group, with ease, and humour, and upmost professionalism. It was a safe and crazy adventure, flying through the air above the trees, learning about the area, how the platforms were placed, and a unique way to feel the life of the rainforest.

Once we had our feet back on the ground, we were returned to our car, and we started our drive back down South. We stopped at another gorgeous beach along the way, and at the Daintree Ice Cream Company, for ice cream flavours of the local and unusual plants.

From here, we drove back over the Daintree River, and into Mossman to the Mossman Gorge. Here, the rain started as we pulled in...which made us not so brave to take a dip in the waters of the gorge. It had grown a little cooler by then, but we walked through the paths to thr Gorge, to find a couple of people swimming in the icy waters.

Walking through the rainforest at ground level, the smells and sounds, we were taking in forces of nature at it's best, and least touched! A coffee and snack break back in Mossman itself, at the Junction Cafe, before driving back to Port Douglas.

With Melissa finding it very hard to switch off from her job, she had found herself telling a contact that she would met them for dinner tonight. Bringing me along for a free feed, we were picked up from our hotel, and greeted with drinks at the Sheraton Mirage. A full a la carte dinner, and much wine later, we had filled another amazing day up her in Far North Queensland.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Port Douglas and The Reef

With a very early pick up in a Lincoln style 'car', Melissa took me out to the airport for us to meet our flight...with me feeling every bit of my accidental large night just hours before. Double peg legs on for the flight up to Cairns from Melbourne, we were grossly over-dressed the moment we hit the tarmac and took in the sunshine and high 20C of Far North Queensland.

This trip is actually the result of Melissa achieving Employee Of The Year last year. A package of accommodation and assorted tours was her prize. Wow! And given that Cairns is the last pocket of Australia for me to visit, I had kind of invited myself along! A much needed winter escape for both of us.

We picked up our brand new hire car from the airport, and made the one hour drive up to Port Douglas. Checking into our home for the next three nights on the main street of town, our apartment at Ville San Michele was over-looking the pool below. After finding something for lunch, and getting a lay of the land along the main street, we spent the rest of the afternoon walking along Four Mile Beach.

Dinner last night was an 'intimate dining experience' with Flames Of The Forest. We were picked up from our hotel, and driven to the outskirts of Port Douglas to rainforest and bush area. Here under a canopy, we were seated and the wine started to arrive. Canapes soon arrived, before entree arrived as a Chef's plate, with crocodile, duck and prawn bits of goodness. Main was a choice between trout and sirloin, and then an amazing group of little desserts arrived on the table. The wine was constantly topped up. And all this while sitting in the middle of the forest surrounded by candles, fairylights and the stars!

The Quiksilver bus picked us up from our hotel this morning, and took us the whole block (maybe two!) to the jetty where their cruise leaves from. Here we boarded our boat out to the Agincourt Reef, which is part of the Outer Great Barrier Reef.

Melissa and I checked out the fishes and what all the fuss is about about the Reef in the underwater observatory once we had arrived at the Quiksilver platform over the reef. Awesome. But then it was time to prepare for the plunge, get wet and amongst the fishies....for two non-swimmers, this was a little daunting!

Collecting flippers, and snorkel mask, we ventured down to the submerged platform...and I quickly decided that I would take on the wetsuit like bright blue suit on offer, to shield from the cold water. Not Victoria cold, but I was just eliminating any issues apart form the fact I cannot swim!

Back to the water, we sat at the edge and loaded up with our equipment, trying to reassure ourselves that we wouldn't be breathing in water, and that we could both do this. Sticking my masked face into the water for a peek and test was a full anxiety moment for me.....but just had to harden up and get out there. Paddling out into the Coral Sea, and finding the space away from other people, we both got used to the whole swimming, and breathing, and snorkeling....and took in the breathtaking world that was below us! So amazing!

After being blown away by all the fish, and the colours, the coral, and the activity below the water's surface, we eventually made it back to the platform, and had a taste of the buffet lunch back on board the boat. But with much to do in our afternoon, we soon got back to the platform, and took a seat on a semi-submersible tour, for a guided trip over the coral and through the waters, with fish and other life forms pointed out and explained by the marine biologist.

Such an amazing experience, and a well organised day tour. I was totally blown away by the reef and it's living world out there. Wow! And so very proud of us both for venturing out with those funny breathing masks to take a look!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chi Lounge

Finishing off my work as much as was possible for a week off, I was the only one left in the office as I headed out into cold Melbourne...unsure if I would be having a drink, given my rule about not drinking on my own. Text conversations, however, confirmed participants in Project drinks for the week, and thus I thought I would have a few quiet ones before going home to prepare for my trip and early flight the next morning.....hmmmm.

The Chi Lounge in the middle of Chinatown was upstairs, where I found Jenny, Kata and Renee soaking in some colourful cocktails. Sitting in a curtained off booth, surrounded by Asian themed fittings, we were treated to table service, making the ordering of drinks effortless....

Jules soon arrived, and then Annie and Josie found us. I haven't seen Annie since spotting her in an Irish pub, years ago, and the catch up began.

I remember bites of food being had, many beers for me, cocktails for the girls, before we decided to move on. The lure of our favourite Project 2009 destination, and it's amazing sangria, took us to Canary Club.

Discovering the time eventually, and knowing I had an early, early, early ride to the airport, but also being our of destination ideas, we finally called it a all sorts, drunk, tired, and not at all packed! Opps! Great night, though! Ha!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Asia Qualifier in Melbourne

Last night I used tickets that I barely remember buying, back sometime last year, when Stevie talked about getting them. Finishing work off with a beer, he and I made our way down to Flinders Street and pre-match beers at Phoenix Bar. Here we met Rob for a last beer, before we walked down to the MCG.

As part of the qualifiers for the Asia grouping for the World Cup next year, both teams had secured their spots in the next segment of play-off to the big tournament, so this match was a 'friendly', playing for the pride of being top of the table. Reaching the steps to our seats on Level 4 just as the two anthems played, we found our spots just in time for kick off.

The first half reminded me just how very boring soccer is....and why I rarely pay attention to it! Nothing much happened, ball went from one end to another, a few near miss goals...oh, and a Japan goal.

I went down to join the ridiculous bar line at halftime, and as the game got started, I persevered knowing not much happens, and given it was my shout! And I was thirsty!! Hee hee! Of course, Australia scored during this time, making that beer a triple round really!

Back to my seat, I saw the third goal of the night, the second for Australia, and Aussie Tim Cahil. The team did go bananas, as did the crowd, which certainly pulled in some excitement for the night. All over very quickly though, and the game ticked over to time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

In The Nude For Love

Yesterday, Nikki and I hit the highway and drove down to Geelong to visit Stacey. She has moved down there, and her and Nude Dude...ahhh, I mean, Kibbo, have set up house down there. It was so great to catch up with her!

After checking out their place, Nikki and Stacey and I headed out to The Cottage for lunch. This cute little place is a cottage, literally, which has converted all the front rooms into the main restaurant. The food was great, Nikki having the pasta with lamb ragu, and I had the pumpkin and chickpea curry. Mmmmm. Stacey chose her panini, and suffered menu envy....silly!

Back in Melbourne, I trammed into town to meet Nicole at the Toff, ready for the sold out 'In The Nude For Love' EP launch for Oh Mercy.

First up was Hoshi In The Clouds, who were very engaging with their indie pop sound. Just as well, cos this is a band we are due to see at least twice more in the next 6 weeks!

After watching a girl in a midriff top chat to the lads from Oh Mercy during the first act, she then appeared on stage as Jessica Says. On keys, Jessica was accompanied by her brother on violin, plus a cello and drums, these tracks were a dreamy pop collection, with an unusual voice. Enchanting....

The room had filled for the main act, and a hush decended as the room grew dark, and Alex and Thom opened on their own, after an extended Kookaburra Laugh from the EP. They were joined for the second track by Eliza and Rohan, and their starry backdrop. All dressed up for the show, the band were set to impress.

In My Stride, with the explaination of the older woman and younger man, and a reworked Needs A Woman, minus the piano to play on stage, were off the launching EP. They played older favorites like Holding On, and my favourite Salvation Jane, both Eliza and Thom had stepped up on the backing vocals last night, more than we had seen before. The word plays of Lay Everything On Me, and Seemed Like A Good Idea, along with some new tracks from their forthcoming album, this was their best show yet!

At the end of the set, Nicole and I looked at each other like proud parents, having seen this little band evolve over the last year, to this - a band playing so well, amazing live, and ready to hit it big with their album in August. So, so exciting!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Metropolitan

Being offered a free ticket to the footy for Friday night, the destination for Project drinks this week was slightly rigged to assist in the timely arrival to Etihad Stadium. Assigning The Metropolitan meant just a short walk from work drinks to meet up with Jenny, Mary, Kata and Ariadne.

Meeting the girls at a table for a drink, we were a little out of the way for the purpose of the Project, but spent our time preparing one of our own for a Project of her own! Hee hee!

Dan and I then found seats upstairs in time for the start of the game between undefeated St Kilda, and Carlton. Belting out from the blocks, the Saints showed the 40 000 crowd why they are the excitement team this year.

A halftime drink on Level 2 at LiveWire, and we were back for an exciting second half, with the Blues fighting back, and making a match of it. Saints winning in the end, making it 12 in a row.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Hawthorn v Sydney

Feeling amazingly sprightly considering our day of mayhem before, Belinda, Bumble and I managed to get on the tram to the MCG, for the match that initiated this crazy weekend - Hawthorn verses the Sydney Swans. Wading through the rain and mud in the carpark to get to the gate, we soon made our way upstairs, to find our seats with Flash.

Watching the game from upstairs is always a novelty for me, and our hungover states took in the even first half. Banksy and Little Banksy joined the group, as we finally talked about and got food at halftime.

A close and becoming stressful game, given the pain this clash usually gives me on a Barry Hall had a brain snap, and gave away an unprecedented 150 metre penalty...and the Hawks ran away with the win.

Back to the pub after the match, we settled into a few pints at an outside table at Transport....freezing our bits off! Moving inside, many more beers were undertaken. Quite the bender, this weekend!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Kings and Queens Richmond Pub Crawl

With Bumble and Belinda down for the Queen's Birthday long weekend for the footy on Sunday, there was a whole day of drinking just crying out for a pub crawl! Meeting at Grandma Funks for a hearty brunch for the big day, the three of us joined Melissa, Greg, Nick, Lauren and Paul, comparing our crowns for the day of silliness.

Meggsy joined us as we finished our stable meal for the day, before we walked a block down Swan Street, Richmond, to our first pub, The Vaucluse. Meeting Daisy, Emma and Michael here, we started our account of one pot per pub. Wearing crowns and tiaras to mark the long weekend, our crawl was underway!

Next up was The Swan, which was quickly declared a skull pub, and thus a quick pot by all. The third pub, The Great Britain, on our Richmond route was closed till 4pm, and as we walked toward the fourth on our map, we spotted Wendy walking the other way; she informed us that the Prince Alfred was a shell of a building, and thus no longer a destination for a pot!

Feeling a little lost in the back streets of Richmond, and getting very thirsty, following the map down Balmain Street did not seem hopefully for a pub...but alas, The Cherry Tree emerged from the roadworks to restore our faith!

After our few misses, we all downed a pint here, in the spirit of catching up - especially with the discovery of Mountain Goat on tap.

Freshly renovated, this little find in the tucked away streets is certainly a pub with promise, and one to remember...if we could find it again! Moving on from here, we walked along behind the train tracks to reach the also renovated Precinct. The interior here is a far cry from the old dodgy Sunday sessions at the Depot days, with an unrecognisable layout. Certainly not the pub it used to be!

Being turned away from The Corner because we were all too old (an underage gig was in progress!), we found a substitute for the burnt out Richmond Club in the Post Office Hotel. Decked out is seemingly regal decor, it seemed a fitting place for a pot on this crawl.

Our next pub made it clear that they were nontooplussed at having a large group arrive on their doorstep in the middle of the day, stating they don't do pub crawls. We downed our London Tavern pot pretty quickly, before walking up to Punt Road, and entering the dodgy smelling Cricketer's Arms.

Michelle joined us here, and as we walked out, Springer had found us. Our next pub was a much anticipated stop for the boys, being the titty bar at the Royal. With just one bargirl with her girls out, the girls on the crawl downed a pot fairly quickly, not really appreciating what the fuss is all about!

Next up was the Mt View on Bridge Road, where we grabbed our pot and climbed the stairs to the upstairs deck, for a view of the city!

The next pub on the list, The East Melbourne appeared to not be an open pub anymore, thus our next stop was the Kingston. Here Flash and Cassie joined us, and Little Banksy found us too for this pot.

The All Nations was next, and our group seemed to be quite large with the addition of Wizden, and a host of other Flaggers.

The next pub on the map, the Eureka, is actually Hunchbax, and it was closed. Hearing this from the group ahead, I was with Melissa, Wendy and Springer, and we decided we would jump on the tram in front of us to get back down Church Street to the next one. Which promptly sailed us past the Earl Of Lincoln. Oops!

We made it to the next one, being the Prince Of Wales, and given we were a little ahead of the group, sat down to grab a quick pub meal. I remember vaguely having bangers and mash, over which I talked to Jessie in London on the phone....hmmmm.

The rest of the crawl found us, and we all walked into DT's...the friendliest pub on the crawl...of course, the gay stop! Cheap drinks and great service, this is actually the pub most talked about since from the crawl! Everyone loved it!

Our last offical stop on the map was The Vine, before the group deciding we would head back to The Swan for an after-crawl drink, or 5, and a dance. Loads of fun, rum, singing with the cover band, and some enthusiastic dancing followed. Meggsy was carried out and helped into a cab, in true tour form. A massive day, followed by a massive night. Such fun!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Workshop

Nursing a mother of a hangover after a massive, but very fun night the night before, I somehow got through the working day, til Mary and I made the trip down from the Ballarat office to the Melbourne office, just in time for a recovery beer for Friday night drinks!

Feeling a whole lot better after a beer in the office, Dan, MJ and I walked down to our Project 2009 destination for the night, The Workshop. Meeting Belinda and Bumble there, my guests for the weekend, we started what promised to be a very large weekend.

Joining them in the central space of the bar, I did a lap of the bar when buying drinks, and spotted Jenny and Mary, also there for the Project. Filled with little booths and spaces for drinks and groups, my focus was really on catching up with the Sydney girls, and working through my fading hangover.

Battling the stairs back down to street level with overnight bags, and a few beers under our respective belts, on our way out, we called it a night in preparation for a big Saturday ahead.

Friday, June 05, 2009

The Basics In Ballarat

Spotting a list of new shows for The Basics, and knowing I would be unable to make it to the Melbourne show, I have been working on a 'work' trip to Ballarat for about a month for last night! Mary and I both scored work reasons for a roadtrip to Ballarat, and finished off our day on Thursday before driving up the highway.

Popping home for dinner with Mum and Katie, Mary, Katie and I then jumped into the car and picked up Maria on the way down the street. Picking up Jo at her place, we had a full car as we parked in Camp Street and made our way in the Karova Lounge.

Being the first ones there, we joined the boys from The Basics around the tables, and grabbed our first beers. Andrea joined our group, as the boys from the Dead Letter Chorus warmed up to an empty bar.

As a few more people arrived, the Dead Letter Chorus got started, impressing with us with Gabrielle's vocals, and the happy pop-py feel.

For the Nice Harmonies. Nice Looks. Nice Lunch. tour, the three boys soon took the stage, starting with new single Like A Brother.

As the crowd started to creep up closer to the stage, the boys led us through new tracks including Home Again and What Do You See In Me?, and some favourites like Money (Gimme, Gimme), Second Best and Just Hold On. With This Ship drew much crowd participation, as these entertaining lads are becoming more and more popular.

They certainly impressed the little group I had dragged along for the night, for some musical education! Our groups' endearment to the lads was assisted by having them join us on the dance floor after the gig. Karova played some great tunes, and this ended up being a very large night! So much fun, and dancing up a storm with Kris and Tim was certainly a highlight.

I don't actually remember much of the night once the lads left, but I know there was more dancing, drinking, and too much fun for a school night!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mountain Goat

After talking about it for months, Dan finally arranged a night at the Mountain Goat brewery, in Richmond. I met him, and DC, inside the amazing warehouse space in a little tucked away street last night, after driving all over the city for the work day.

Catching up on the day over a pot, we were soon invited to join the tour with the brewer...who took us through their small operation, where their micro-brew is made. Telling us the story of starting the operation in his bedroom, being moved to the bathroom, then laundry and then a small space in Richmond, our brewer was full of passion for his brew, and the development of his beer as a recognised name. He told us they started that small, but now have beer running through 70 taps in Victoria, and two interstate. Such an exciting story.

Dan, DC and I returned to the bar section of the brewery space, to sample the paddle of all 4 current beers, being the Pale, the Hightail, the India Ale and the Surefoot Stout. We ordered pizza from the bar, and each took on another pot of our preferred beer, before calling it a night on a school night.

Very impressive set up, and story...only enticing me more to the Goat when I am out and about!
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