Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting Back On The Long Haul

Whilst a couple of my mates are currently fighting it out over their very impressive and highly competitive country count, as a physical challenge, my annual Visited Countries post is the same as last year.

visited 32 states (14.2%)

But there is no room for despair, because if I can finish off this final essay for uni, and get my caseload organised, and get someone to drive me to the airport on Friday night, I am off again to colour in a major area of this map. Very exciting, and something I have wanted to do for years and years.

So, I have had to retire my well loved and much traveled passport, and my new little blue book with it's chip in it has been sent off for 3 page-sized new stickers, ready for this trip. I have been in discussions with my GP, and I have my clexane injections at the ready. With my flights, I will have before and one after my big long haul flight, fun. And then one on the way back, which is just a 10 hour flight. And some up my sleeve for any leg cramp niggles....when in doubt, jab, I guess! Plus the peg legs, I will also have to try to remember not to sleep for the whole first flight, and get up and walk around. One of those annoying people, but I'll do anything not to have another DVT!

I have also just paid for my travel insurance, with my pre-existing coverage for DVT, ohhhh, the Carribean cricket trip that keeps on giving!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Day for Mothers

Last year, Melissa and I noted the participants all in pink completing the Mother's Day Classic, and talked about doing it this year. This morning, I joined the 1000 other women, kids, and men, dressed in pink, here in Ballarat, for a lap of the lake.

This is the second year the Classic has been held around Lake Wendouree, and with a growing turnout, must raise a decent amount for breast cancer research. Just before the run/walk commencement, a General and Breast Surgeon spoke about local services, early detection importance, and the fact that 1 in 9 of us will have or know someone effected by breast cancer.

A sea of pink runners and walkers then set off, trailing around the track, leaving a band of pink all the way around the Lake. It's just such a shame the Lake is so dry, still. Completing in just under the hour, in line with my usual lake walk, the walk had a great camaraderie and community spirit feel about it this morning.

Catching up with my own Mum, and Melissa and Katrina, we met for High Tea at the Lydiard Wine Bar, which is on this weekend as part of Heritage Weekend, to celebrate Mother's Day. Little morsels of savoury bites arrived, accompanied by tea, and then an array of miniature sweets.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Graduate Katie

Having made each of my sister's sit through a graduation ceremony for me, it was my turn this week to return the favour. I met Mum, and our gowned graduate, outside Her Majesty's Theatre, as the bag pipes played, and people and graduates of the University of Ballarat shuffled in.

The youngest and final Reid girl to graduate, Katie has completed the achievement, after a few hiccups, and we are very proud of her. She has completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts, in Graphic Design/Multimedia, after loads of toil, sweat and tears, and late nights.

From Ph.Ds to Certificates, the ceremony awarded each student the piece of paper they had been striving for. Katie's little course group were right in the middle. The day was really a tribute to the students, and to this regional university, who claim to be one of the oldest institutes in Australia. I am also part of the alumni, for my Honours year.

I have finally received my MICD testamur by the looks of the card in the letter box this afternoon, after sorting out a library fine.

Congratulations Katrina!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Basic Train Wreck

For the first of the May Tuesday night residency at the Northcote Social Club for The Basics, Mary and Springer and I met out in the beer garden for a pub meal. Once we made our way into the band room, it was dark and hush and everyone was sitting cross-legged on the floor for Tash Parker...who was accompanied by Wally De Backer on percussion. The banter between these two was so sweet!

The boys soon took their positions on stage, and launched into a track they called Jungle Juice, and then joked about how bad it was. This song, and Kris, were all over the shop...which set the scene for the night. He opened with the comment that there were times recently where playing together again hadn't looked likely.

Just Hold On seemed to pull the show back for a few minutes, before Kris admitted that they haven't played together for sometime, and that we were witnessing a live rehersal. Mingling tracks with experiemental jams and covers, at one point Kris and Tim started in on completely different songs, and Wally laughed that Tim was still trying to follow the set list.

One track from the current album, being The No 1 Cause Of Death Amongst Youth Today. No mention of the new EP to be launched this month, in line with Wally's 30th birthday. They did play Happy Birthday, and dedicated it to a couple of birthdays in the room!

The crowd was uncomfortable, and unsure how to react. A glimpse of The Basics we all love met with resounding support, and tentative engagement, but most of the gig was awkward silence. Kris asked the crowd for support at one point, for Wally to play bass, and they swapped. Kris danced across the stage, bumping into Tim at times. It was all very random.

Better was a highlight for me, and made gains to pulling the set back from despair. Wally's vocals will always shine. Tim belted out his version of Have Love, Will Travel. Kris apologised for the show being such a shambles.

Wow. The crowd was stunned, and a strange lull hung over us all as we exited the Northcote. Will we see the boys next week?
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