Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cricket related stress

I think I am developing an ulcer. My heart rate certainly hasn't settled down yet. And I definately have a stress headache today! The Ashes is too close!!

The third test in a row where it has come down to the wire, and I have been watching with breath held, biting my nails, heart racing.

And now it's in the balance, and all down to the final Fifth Test. Australia has to win, and thus draw the series, to retain The Ashes. England could win, and earn The Ashes back. And they have a very good chance! It's all very scary!!

Fair play to the English squad - they have played some very good cricket. While the Aussie lads have been lacking...in all departments! Although, thank goodness for Bing and Warne - our only specks of pride so far.

I feel my stomach bottom out at the mere idea of losing The Ashes, and especially of being an Aussie living in London when it happens....oh no! The horror! I can't even think about it!!

I do, however, have every faith that our Ricky will make sure that his name does not go down in history as the first Australian captain in 18 years to lose The Ashes.

The real question is - will I have access to a TV for the all important days during my next assignment??

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hump day

One week down, one week to go for this assignment. And counting! Some of these clients are just a lot of work!!

I have this assignment, a night off, then they have managed to squeeze an assignment into my last 10 days before my one month's notice is up. That's nice of them!! Just have to think of the money!

So - the 10th of September I get MY life back!! Won't have to live someone else's for a short period. Phew!
Counting down the days now.

I did think it would be kinda cool to live someone else's life for a bit, see what's it's like, do what they do, experience it all from someone else's perspective. And it has been interesting. But it has reaffirmed that my life is actually pretty good at the moment - and I am not just talking about being disability free. Quiet enlightening, really.

Bring on the cricket to make the rest of this assignment fly. Go Aussies!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Skin of our Aussie teeth!

What a stressful and sensational end to the Test match!! I have never cheered harder in my life for a draw before!! Our prayers for rain went unheard, and our hope for runs didn't turn out either - but somehow the lads hung on to draw an all but lost match!

Our day off on Saturday was a lucky strike, given that with all the rain there was only maybe 7 overs of play for the whole day. I walked around Manchester city for a bit, and got a feel for the place - feels very like Melbourne, actually. Wandered up to Piccadilly Gardens, the Northern Quarter, and the funky looking buildings like the Urbis.

Sunday was a slow day at Old Trafford, and the game was poised for trouble on the 5th.

We managed to get into the match on Monday, but only just. One of the crew doesn't realise how lucky we are! After figuring out the queue, and jumping the line in all honesty, we managed to get great seats, and we settled in for about 7 hours of nail biting cricket!

Plenty of ribbing for our flag waver, our stressed group got through the day with elevated blood pressure, and a fear for our lives! The English crowd are loud and proud, and they are really quite awesome when in full voice. They think they are funny, too...

You all live in a convict colony, a convict colony, a convict colony

Gee, that's hilarious, isn't it??!!
Get your (something) stars, off our flag

After hearing that chant about 15 times over the last couple of days, I have a new appreciation for the idea of a Republic!! Hee hee.

Our team of 4 on the last day ended in hugs and elation with the last ball bowled, with our last wicket still in tact. The Ashes is still alive now...bring on Trent Bridge boys! (More photos.)

How about those Hawks, though, hey! I got a call from the 'G early Sunday morning so that I could hear the victory song - have I not waited years for that win!! Would have given my left arm to have been there!!

Back to reality and back to work today. Need to dry out, keep out of the sun for a bit, and earn the rent!! Hee hee!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Man' oh Man'

On Thursday I boarded the megabus for the 5 hour (!!) journey from London to Manchester. After getting a call from the lads halfway through my trip to let me know I missed Warney's 600 wicket, and a little reminder that I missed the 500 by 2 tests too (thanks Chucky!!), I was certainly over the long trip! But after finally getting there, checking in to our accommodation, the Colombo gang were back together for a weekend of cricket!

Friday morning we geared up and headed for Old Trafford for Day 2 of the Third Test of The Ashes. Sitting 3 rows from the front, seats were great, and we were set for a big days play. After hearing from the boys what the day before had been like, I didn't quite believe what they were telling me - but soon found out it was true. The crowd is unbelievable! The abuse!! The ribbing!! The things thrown at us!! It was like being at a Collingwood match, but worse. Like being at those early Adelaide games in Adelaide for the footy! We coped a canning!!!

Grossly out-numbered, and with the English team belting us out in the middle, our Aussie flag was not at all appreciated by the crowd. Ash coped the most, being the irrepressable flag waver. Even Brett Lee coped plenty when he was fielding quite close to us. (More photos.)

I'm quite stunned at the English crowd behaviour actually. And if I am called "shelia" one more time, I just might slap someone!!

We didn't have tickets for today, and had actually prayed for rain so we wouldn't feel so bad - and we seem to have got what we wished for!! It's bucketing down here today, and hasn't looked like letting up yet.

Was keen to look around the city today, now that I have finally recovered from a day of beer consumption. Although the rain is a bit of a put off. Hopefully it will ease a touch so I can got for a wander.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I sign, and I quit!

After a rather depressing and harrowing work assignment (the guy was hard work, and very sad), I am back in London for a bit, trying to sort some bits and pieces out.

I received a call from the company that had offered me a position back in May, saying that they are keen to sign me up and get thing started. I have been out to the office, been given the offer formally, and have today signed on. Woo hoo!!! A real job, with real money, and quite impressive career prospects. The position is at Health and Case Management Limited, and I'll be working as a Rehabilitation Case Manager. I start the middle of next month.

So, after 6 months working with Active Assistance, I am putting in my resignation today. Cool!!

I can't believe I have been doing that work for 6 months. Well, on and off, with a few trips here and there! But now, with the fear of UK winter approaching, it's time for head down and bum up, and to earn some real pound!

All a bit exciting!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Agencies and artifacts

Being disappointed that work wasn't lined up for me upon my arrival back to the UK, I was starting to dismay about it all. I have started the agency trail that most people on arrival to London follow, and plastered my CV out to anyone who will take it. Now that any planned trips have come and gone, I can now look for some more solid work, and forego flexibility for decent pound!

I have gotten a couple of calls already, and sat through an interview yesterday morning for one such agency. But I don't know. I mean, I did get the junior HR chick - but I am still not sure what kind of work they would send me out to! The differences in terminology and service provision between Australia and the UK is going to be tricky to navigate. We'll see what comes up.

Yesterday I also caught up with Lyn, who is stopping over in London for a bit of a rest after her big South American adventures. We met for a beer and some lunch, and an exchange of BookCrossing books, and then joined a London Walks tour for the British Museum.

The tour was two hours of highlights of the museum, which meant that our guide walked us to the most famous piece in one of the rooms of the 13 acre collection, told us about it, told us about all the other interesting things in that room, and then led up to the next one!! Just showed us that you could spend weeks in there! The centre of the building, with the roof joining the Reading Room with the rest, is quite gorgeous.

Despite both being mortified at the amount of looting these collestions represent (no wonder some of the ancient ruins are in place anymore - they're in museums!!), we got to see the Rosetta Stone, which was the piece that helped crack the Egyptians' hieroglyphics. Quite amazing. Among other wonders and ruins, we also viewed Ginger and the Lindow Man. Wow! So facinating!

Now, Active have since come up with the goods with a 4 day assignment, out in the sticks. Apparently I need to cheer this client up and take him to the pub - life's hard!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Back in Briton

It's raining, it's meant to be summer - I am definately back in the UK! Back to the land where crossing the road is a major life risking endeavour, because cars don't pause, let alone brake, for pedestrians. Where noone understands the concept of lining up, and walking up and planting yourself at the front of people waiting for whatever you want is perfectly acceptable. And where people on the footpath can stop and start moving in any random direction, at any time, with a complete disregard for other people around them. I had thought all these frustrations were in my head, but having called in back home, these are definately not accaptable behaviours at home.

There is a distinct air about London this time. An alert and cautious, what-are-you-doing-with-a-bag-on-the-tube, vibe. Traveling back in from the airport with my two backpacks, I felt very watched!

Of course, I am a foreigner, and occasionally my hair is dark - maybe I could be a terrorist. Things have really gotten out of hand with all this, hasn't it? Human rights and dignity can apparently be completely disregarded when it comes to "anti-terrorist laws". It seems having a man in custody, like holding him down, is no longer enough - apparently he needs a round of bullets in his head to make sure they got him. The "shoot to kill" policy should maybe take a backseat to a "check the facts" policy, don't you think? No excuse sits with me for this, and I doubt that poor Brazillian's family will ever accept them. Surely if the guy was suspected to be loaded with explosives (under a denim jacket, mind you!), firing a gun at close range can't be the best thing to do? How does anyone shot someone in the head that many times? I don't care what they thought he did. Human rights and due process seem to be forgotten, along with basic dignity, it seems. The arrests on Friday of more suspects had the men ordered to strip down to their underwear, or come out naked, with their hands up......that's great....

The world has gone mad. I can't tell you how sick all this makes me feel.
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