Thursday, January 12, 2006

Katie in London

During the weekdays last week and this, Katie has seen quite a bit of London whilst I have been at work, as well as bits that I could show her after 5pm! I took her into town on the first Tuesday night after we got back from our travels, to show her how the Tube works, the changes, and all that. She was so funny! I guess the Tube trains are quite scary upon first encounter! Cowering when the wind and then as the train approached. Hee hee. Poor Katie. We went for a wander around town to give her some bearings, so she could plan her sightseeing during the days. The next night she attempted her journey to Hogwarts at Kings Cross Station, and then we went for a curry along Brick Lane.

I have infected her with my addition to Pret, and hopefully the travel bug! And she agrees that there is no such thing as customer service in London - it's not just me!!!

On Tuesday night this week, Katie and I, and Charlotte and Matt went to see The Lion King. The costumes and puppetry was amazing. The music, of course, was brilliant. The set designs were awesome. Was such a great show.

Last night we went to see Brokeback Mountain - Heath and the beautiful landscapes of Wyoming. A gorgeous and troubled love story. Could it be his Oscar??


  1. Brokeback mountain is in limited release over here. Controversy abounds, Bob Katter (QLD pollie) said the profession (jackeroos, jillaroos) doesn't attract "that type of person".

  2. Really!!?? That's unbelievable!!
    We had actually had the conversation as we left the theatre about how far the world had come that the portrayal was mostly seen for it's love story and not just about the gay scenes...well, maybe we're not that far after all. Shame.

  3. The producer has objected to the film being tagged 'the gay cowboy movie' - on the grounds that they're shepherds!


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