Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dom and Jason, and Sneeze!

I traveled down to Melbourne, and down to Melissa and Clinton's in the heat on Saturday, to attend the engagement party of Dominica and Jason. Dom accepted Jason's proposal in the UK quite a while ago, but during their stopover here at Dom's hometown, they have had a chance to celebrate with her family and friends. Held at Dom's parents home in Kew, the scene was decked out in Chinese lanterns, for the Chinese New Year, and the fact that the happy couple are about to live in China.

Meeting long time friends and family of Dom's, and catching up with both Dom and Jason, as the sun baked on. Speeches were made, and the couple was toasted numerous times. Congrats to them both!

On Sunday, plans to head to the MCG for the Shane Warne tribute Twenty/20 were ditched in light of the 38C temperatures...and a backyard BBQ was enjoyed instead at Melissa and Clinton's, with Jess and Noodles.

We then packed a picnic of goodies and went down to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, for this years Tropfest. Having never been to either, we set up ready for a night of film, wine and food.

Joined by Danielle and Kumi, Watty, Diana and Wendy, our little picnic got started, just before the rain got started! A shower here and there, umbrellas were up and then down again. The ominous clouds up above pelted down cooling rain, and then would stop just as abruptly.

Just before the films got started, we sought shelter under the big sail of the bowl...and the short films began. This year's signature item was Sneeze, meaning each film entered needed to have a senze in their film somewhere. It was interesting to see how creative and funny the placements were.

The two standouts for me in the 16 screened finalists were Road Rage, and the eventual winner of the night, An Imaginary Life. Road Rage showed a minor bingle on the road between two male drivers, and the altercation after, which turned into one man comforting the other as he told of his lifes woes. Eventually a long line of cars backed up, and soon their male drivers too were all sharing the sympathy - great promo for men's mental health!

An Imaginary Life was the story of what happens to children's imaginary friends when they get forgotten about. A mixture of animation and real life stills, this one was funny and cute.

A testiment to this film festival, in that despite the pelting rain, and the baking heat to start with, the crowd stayed throughout. Laughter, a collective ewwwwwww for Bad Yoghurt, and clapping ensured for each short film.

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