Friday, February 22, 2008


Last night Nicole and I headed to the Bandroom at the Prince in St Kilda after work for the 'solo and intimate' Gotye show. Meant to be a secret gig tonight, which was actually sold out pretty quickly, he had to put on a second show, which meant we saw him first!

First up were The Basics, which included Wally. A three piece group of lads, with great sounds, and stories and lyrics, and acoustic sounds.

Gotye emerged on stage after lengthy roadie works to set up Mac laptop, keyboards, mics, and whatever else was on stage, to create the sounds and visual show that was. And what an amazing show it was!! I was blown away!!!

Such a talented man! Wally played keyboard, piano, bongos, drums, and also had spine chillingly awesome vocals! I am without speech about how good he was!!!

Hearts A Mess was just disarmingly great! And an encore of We Are The World, with Wally on the piano, with the vocal range to give us each BandAid character. Such a

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