Saturday, February 14, 2009

Horse Bazaar

Last night, week six of Project 2009, we started out once again at ...if. Extended happy hour to mark Friday the 13th was hard to resist, and thus many cheap beers and vodkas were had, before Nikki, Kylee, Tim, MJ and I headed to our bar of the week.

The website claims that it is 'a unique fusion of art, music, technology and alcohol'...we met Jenny and Amy at Horse Bazaar, for more drinks, and to take in the chilled atmosphere. The wall has a runner of distracting and engaing projected animation going on, above the collections of cute seats.

Perhaps a bar filled straight after work, or maybe later...the bathroom is a trip into a tiki, water trickling wonderland - and points for figuring out how to turn to taps on first time!

The idea of having a parma for dinner took over, at Kylee's suggestion, and we soon found Pugg Mahones around the corner in Hardware Lane, and confirmed that they could meet out demands. A Bulmers and massive parma later...

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