Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hawks Challenged in Ballarat

Mum and I ventured down to Eureka Stadium here in Ballarat this afternoon, for the NAB Challenge practice match between Hawthorn and North Melbourne. After getting through a heavy shower of rain just a half hour earlier, the crowd was streaming in to this country ground, ready for a big game.

Was great to see our big names like Franklin, Sewell and Mitchell run onto the field, as well as Changa returning from injury for a run, and new recruits Gibson and Hooper. A host of new names on our list, it was a chance to get a look at those too.

The rain started up again just into the first quarter, as we watched under umbrella. Nothing doing for the Hawks on the ground, with no goal scored for the first half, with North dominating. To add to the Hawk woes, Taylor landed awkwardly in front of us, in a tangle of all legs with his opposition - with a cracking sound indicating a break. He was carried off, with a large amount of our rucking hopes for the season.

Our second half held slightly more promise, with two quick goals from Buddy, and Brisbane recruit peeling off another. He, and lads like Peterson and Stratton, impressed, as newbies to our lineup. Changa had a great return, with his dead accurate kicking - a treat!

With intermittent showers and then sunshine, the crowd surrounding the ground tried to maintain their interest in the lopsided scoreboard. The last quarter felt like we were just hanging in there til the siren, and we could all get out of the unpredictable elements.

Great crowd turn out for Ballarat, showing that footy is alive and well. Some glimmers of excitement in our recruits, injury reports, and a whole lot of game plan work to be done yet, for season 2010!

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