Friday, April 09, 2010

The Good China Residency

Leaving work in the dark, after the clocks have changed out of daylight savings, and driving into wind, rain and fog, I was started the understand the test this winter is going to be on my resolve to see live bands in Melbourne on a school night! Driving down and back for the first week of The Good China residency was a little crazy...but has to be done!

I picked up Nicole, and we had dinner at Bimbo Deluxe, before finding a couch at The Evelyn. Mercury White got started, as I grabbed a beer. Fun, polished pop rock, Sticks and Stone was a standout.

The 8 Chinas soon assembled on stage, with a group entrance, and opened with No More Maps. Quite a few new tracks were included in the set list, along with Turn The Page. 39 Black and The Couch Song were in their, albeit some mic issues. Battling through rain coming through the roof, reportedly a collective cold, and a dwindling crowd on this dark night, the group put in their usual impressive energy.

During the month of Tuesdays in April at the Evelyn, the band will do a requested cover each week, with this week's being Arcade Fire and Rebellion (Lies) as an ode to their 2 year anniversary as a band. We Found 3 Whistles finished the set.

An encore of All Nothing, which is always such a treat experienced live! They'll be there all month!

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