Friday, December 03, 2010

Roadtrip Mix

As I am floating around the house, packing for a trip that will include a big roadtrip, I am reminded of the Roadtrip Mix I received in the mail this year. As part of the group, love is a mix tape, this swap delivered a set of tracks to drive to....

1. Hit 'n' Run - Horrorpops
2. Last Of The Steam Powered Trains - The Kinks
3. Road Runner - The Animals
4. Saturdays Nights - Tiger Tones
5. Still Ill - The Smiths
6. Subterranean Homesick Blues - Bob Dylan
7. Wagon Wheel - Lou Reed
8. Silver Stallion - Cat Power
9. Run For Your Life - The Beatles
10. Midnight Swift - Buddy Holly
11. Cape Cod Kwasa Kwassa - Vampire Weekend
12. Ohio - The Dandy Warholes
13. Haulin Hearse - The Ghastly Ones
14. Dead Road 7 - The Kills
15. Do The Hansa - The Cure
16. Transmission - Joy Division
17. Mesopotamia - Santogold & Diplo
18. Black Tongue - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Only 1 song I had in my collection already, and several bands I was keen to give a listen. Another awesome mix gift from a music lover somewhere in the world!

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