Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wicklow and Dublin

Cathal was at the new terminal at Dublin airport to pick me up when I landed, and take me out to Liz and his new house in Wicklow. Once Liz was home, we made plans for the night, and Peter come over before we walked to the local, for many pints of Guinness. Fighting fatigue, I managed to push through, and we actually had a large night. A tiny dance on our way out, we finished the night at the chipper!

Waking surprisingly ok the next morning, the 3 of us went out to Devil's Glen, to meet the girls for Kate's birthday. A walk up to the waterfall was the chosen activity, and we met up with Kate, Niamh and Kate, and we made our way through the fresh country air.

Back into Greystones, we then went to Sandra's for afternoon tea, and my first chance to catch up with the girls. A pregnant Sandra, who had prepared all the treats of the afternoon with a toddler running around under her feet, along with Anna and her 2 children, and also a pregnant Ruth, showed me that this little group is really growing up. Also here was Rowena, and Ailbhe, and Andy and Alex. Was great to see this crew again, after something like 4 years.

Going into town the next day for some wedding errands, and being Valentine's Day, Liz and I stopped into the Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church to light a candle to St Valentine, whose remains are said to be in this chapel.

A pretty non-descript church from the outside, the church was really lovely and warm inside. There were many people milling around the alter to St V, as we read that he was executed for not renouncing his faith - by being beaten with sticks and then beheaded! Melissa had actually sent me an article about it, and it turns out that Liz had never been inside before, even though she went to college nearby.

A stop for a Bento Box for lunch at Uykio, we then wandered the streets of Dublin, crossed the river, braving the chilly wind. This gave me the feeling that I was actually in Ireland, seeing the main cityscape of Dublin.

With the day's tasks complete, we walked back towards the car and stopped for an Irish Coffee at the Library Bar in the Central Hotel. Such a cute pub! Before driving back to Wicklow, we stopped to see Laura and Cian, in their cute apartment, talking all things study, Social Work, and the wedding in just a few days.

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