Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Barrier Grief

I convinced Kayleen the following day to take the begging ticket for my next gig back at the start of this month, and so constructed a little night out on a school night, to see one of my favourite bands.

We finished what we both needed to do for the day at the office, and then went to Thai Pavilion for dinner. Great Thai food here.

Getting to Karova, we caught the last tracks of The Ocean Party, who captured our attention straight up. Next up was the solo and nervous presence of Gossling - just a girl on the stage with her keyboard and her enchanting voice and lyrics. She drew the attention of the filling band room.

But hearing the set from Oh Mercy, showcasing their sophomore album, Great Barrier Grief, was why I came out that night. And this little Melbourne 4 piece band put on such a show, a treat of dreamy indie tunes. Alex is such a pleasure to see live!

Opening with Keith St, and then playing the lovely Broken Ears, the set played most of the new album, with highlights from the back catalogue. Mercy Valley, fast becoming one of my favourites, along with my much loved Let Me Go from this album, the crowd was then asked to quieten down, ready for Eliza to sing Doldrums solo.

The set also featured covers of The Velvet Underground and Leonard Cohen, and then Alex reminded us all to listen to their appearance early the next morning for Like A Version on Triple J (which was so awesome!).

Was so great that these guys have come back to Ballarat on this tour, and as always, a pleasure to see them live. This new album of theirs is easily one of my favourites of 2011.

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