Saturday, May 07, 2011

Prawn, Byron and Surfers

With some sore heads from the night before, Belinda, Lisby and I farewelled Brad, and hit the road in search of a hangover saving breakfast. Back on the road out of Yamba, we set out on the roadtrip back to Brisbane airport and the end of our wedding weekend.

Having passed it in the rain and darkness on the way down, we stopped at the Big Prawn at Ballina for a quick snap. The faded and much neglected prawn is sitting on top of a long closed down fish shop, surely destined for demolition.

The next town coming up with Bryon Bay, and having time up our sleeve, and having never been there myself, we decided to head in to check it out. Stopping up at the lighthouse at Cape Byron, we walked to the Easterly point of the Australian coast, in gorgeous sunshine, before stopping for locally made ice cream.

Another very pretty lighthouse on this trip, we then drove through the main street, before finding the highway again. Tracing our steps backwards, we returned across the border to Queensland, and decided a late lunch stop at Surfers Paradise was in order.

Fish and chips at Broadbeach, on the sand, as the sun started to go down, was a perfect cullinary end to our weekend. We completed the rest of the roadtrip back to Brisbane airport, pushing the limits of the pre-purchased tank of fuel. Then Belinda boarded her flight back to Sydney, Lisby to Perth, and I flew back to Melbourne. Another great trip together!

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