Monday, July 25, 2011

Sydney Arrival

Two weeks ago now, I had packed and managed to put in all the overtime that usually comes with pre-annual leave for me, and started a little holiday! For this trip to truely begin, though, I needed to get to Sydney. With much logistical planning and plotting, I flew on the Monday morning.

My first stop was to pop in and see Jess, and meet new arrival, baby Evie. Getting a cuddle upon arrival to Jess', Evie promptly fell asleep on me, while I met some extended family. This baby thing seems pretty easy! Ha! The lunchtime gathering to admire Miss Evie then ventured to the cafe near the Wilson's, the awesome Sideways, for lunch. Was so great to see Jess, in her new Mum glow.

After then enduring some Sydney rail delays, I made my way to meet B. And here, I finally visited the much coverted, much talked about, Spry Mansion. Which did not disappoint! Playground, pool, country land setting, and with the bar and beers on tap! Ha! We had a few beers, as we made our final trip preparations for the next day.

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  1. you're welcome to babysit anytime you like. (You'll have to move to Sydney!)


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