Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Sunset On Nauru

After my last day of work for my first rotation on Nauru, a group of us gathered for the sunset on the day, on the rooftop of one of the two hotels on the island. A stunning view to finish off all the hard work we had completed across the couple of weeks.

The viewpoint on top of the Od-n has you gazing off into the ocean, with the skeletal, broken and disused cantilevers of the phosphate rich days of the island creating a sense of wonder and mystery within the view.

The rooftop of the building which featured the most impressive Christmas lights during the week before, seems like it was not finished when it was built. In fact, the Od-n building, like all of the buildings in Nauru, would have been impressive when it was built, and during the Nauruan heyday, but has fallen into a serious state of rundown disrepair since, as the country has meet with serious financial ruin. The rooftop was more like a construction site than a beer garden offering, but definitely has the best view in the country.

The view away from the ocean is a birdseye of a section of the main road all the way around the island, and in an area that could be considered part of the busiest and more built up. Not much traffic going around though, despite the time of day! The palm trees are a reminder that we were on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

With a few beers, brought up from the bar down on the ground floor, and loads of chats for debriefing from the day, the group's attention soon turned to the setting sun, and the spectacular light show it put on with the cloud spattering above.

We remained in place, watching as the light faded, and traces of the sun vanished completely. In the dim dusk light, we made our way back downstairs and had dinner on the front balcony, before heading home to the other hotel and to continue our last night.

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