Sunday, February 02, 2014

Project 52: Monday Afternoon

Attending a session as part of Melbourne Music Week, Nicole, Mary and I listened as Gotye discussed the creative process behind making his music videos. We heard about how the idea for the stop motion animation concept for Somebody That I Used To Know come together, from the director and producer herself, in conversation with Wally. Then I was amazed to hear about the work put in over a pretty short space of time to create the Easy Way Out clip, again from the creators and Wally, who spoke of the brief he put to them - so impressive! The animators who are responsive for a couple of others clips, including State Of The Art also spoke about their processes, and how they worked on making those clips match the music. They also redefined Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver for Wally, with their visual concept.

A great panel discussion, and a unique insight, the session was also part of the Spectacle Music Video Exhibition on at ACMI until the 23rd of this month.

This post is part of Project 52 with Jess from FuShMuSh.

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