Friday, February 13, 2015

Sunset Over The Acropolis

Atop Filopappos Hill in Athens, the best view of Athens and the Acropolis with the sun setting awaits. A full view of the city is on offer, at the price of just a small climb through parkland.

Not far from the entrance to the Acropolis is the beginning of the parkland, which has several features, including the jail cell of Socrates. The highest point of this parkland has the Monument of Filopappos, where this view is available for savouring!

Walking up in the blazing summer Athens heat was certainly rewarded once the sun started to sink, and turn the ancient marble ruins on top of the Acropolis all shades of pink and orange.

jouljet Notes
Serious Tip: Don't miss this view when you are in Athens!
Time Spent: Around 20 minutes walk from the road next to the Acropolis, I then sat and waited as the sun set up the top for maybe 40 minutes.
Cost: Free!
Quirky Tip: There was just a handful of people on the hill when I was there, so by climbing up to the highest point, you feel like you have the view and the changing colours all to yourself. 

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