Friday, June 30, 2006

Cambridge, for work

Last week I went out on an assessment for work, to met a new client and complete a worksite assessment, to see what he would need to do to get back to work. Far away little town, we traveled to an industrial estate, and arrived at a large factory. Clearly for confidentiality, I can't give details, but lets just say huge factory with many on the line, doing all sorts of monotonous jobs!! Dorita and I did a walk through of the factory, and then completed the assessment of physical demands, but not before being kitted out in coat, hat, and earplugs! So hot!!! Not! I think they were having a laugh.

Today, I went out to Cambridge for another assessment for a new referral. Getting around!! After the work was done, I headed into town and had a pub lunch by the River Cam (while making some work related calls, of course!).

I was told I should take a punt down the river by everyone I asked, so I joined a tour group with one of the many punting companies near the pub. The punt was Venice gondola style, but with an English lad pushing the boat along and giving the tour talk.

The ride takes you through the back tour of all the huge and very grand college buildings of Cambridge, under bridges, and battling the punt traffic all the way up and back.

Past the colleges famous for housing Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, and even Prince Charles!! Names like Trinity, Queen's, and King's. The chapel of King's is very ornate and impressive.

Today was graduation day for many of the new graduates of Cambridge, and so we got glimpes of grad drinks along the river, and people in their black gowns...with funny white fluffy cape!

Feeling quite like I was back in Venice - the sun was even out! - we passed under the Bridge of Sighs, which, like the one in Oxford, is a replica of the one we saw in Italy. Our guide produced lots of stories and facts about each college as we guided past. The story of the Mathematical Bridge, where legend has it it was frist built with no bolts in place, due to it's angles, among others.

A good little day out, out of London and the office, despite walking forever to find the train station back to London! Was not as impressed as I was with Oxford, but it is the breakaway from the scholars in Oxford, so a worthy second runner!! Hee hee! Hopefully my next assessments are somewhere equally as interesting, and in places I haven't been to... (More photos.)


  1. It's named after the Bridge of Sighs in Venice but actually is not a copy. The two bridges have little in common architecturally, according to Wiki (apart from of course being covered stone walking bridges).

  2. Cool outfit. If only they had the matching paper undies too!!! From your cool sister!!!


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