Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kiwi Kitchen and Ashes tickets

Last night after drinks at Clapham for another leaver at work, Laura, Chantal and I headed across town to meet Charlotte, Niny and Leilah for our WSSB at Kiwi Kitchen, in Earling Broadway.

With two Kiwi's in the group, the girls had talked several of the dishes up all week...and the food was very good. Very yummy. I also learnt a whole set of new words, like hangi, perky nana, kumara...a whole new world belonging to our antipodean brohers just across the Tasman!

Thankfully for Charlotte, who found and suggested the restaurant, the food was great, cos the service and the dictates from the kitchen were not! Our waitress was rude and unhelpful, and the menu is possibly the most inflexible menu ever - a request for a different scoop of icecream was way too hard. Come on!

The kitchen, run by a couple who look like they come from a series of My Restaurant Rules from their publicity shot, had some peculiar statements, like a laminated page on the table saying that as a gesture to protect the environment there would charge 50p for tap water, and donate it to charity. And another laminated page that came with the bill spelling out that they have not added service charge, and then suggested the percentage we should add....perhaps if they trained their staff in customer service, and could mix up the icecream scoops alittle, and stop with their un-environmentally friendly laminating, we would have considered it!! Hee hee.

Coming home quite late, I set up for the great grab for Ashes tickets, which went on sale overnight, for the summer (the real summer, in the Southern Hemisphere). Some success, loads of frustration, and little sleep....

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  1. When I read the title of this post I thought "Kiwi food?". But I guess it's really just Maori food right?


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