Monday, June 19, 2006

Socceroos v Brazil

Pumped up for a big day, Toni and I headed south of the river after lunch yesterday, to meet up with the crew to watch the big match.

First the first time in many weeks, I actually received texts from home about the footy going on back there. No prizes for guessing why that's been so quiet! 40 points, sounded good to me!

So on to the football of the moment, we met up with Sharna, and Laura and Tom, and some of the HCML crew at the Clapham Grand. Huge screen, old theatre type venue, packed with Aussies decked out in their Aussie gear.

Concentrating on the game, which always makes a little more sense to me after a few drinks, the Aussies did well. The crowd was fully into it...although I must admit, the biggest cheer of the night was for the appearance of Warnie on the big screen!

The first goal was scored just after half time, while I was still in the Ladies queue, and then the next one followed soon after. Neither to the boys in the away stipe blue, and the game was away from the Socceroos.

Gutted in the end, but the boys did have a dip. The mood was flat at the end of the match, and the band started up. We all trickled away, out into the daylight to wonder what could have been. Bring on Thursday!

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