Friday, June 16, 2006

Football, Books and Food

Monday was filled with anticipation all day for the big match, and my workplace, who are somewhat anti-flexitime, made special allowances for people to watch the World Cup. Australia's first match in the tourament, the first match for many years, was against Japan, and fell at 2pm on Monday. The big screen set up in one of the meeting rooms (as it is right now for the England match), and we were allowed to take time out to watch. How funny.

Given the offer, there was only about 6 people who took them up on the offer. But we certainly made enough noise for the whole building when the Aussie goals were scored! After a tense first half, how good was the last 10 minutes! Hee hee.

Tuesday I managed to attend only my second BookCrossing Meet-Up in London, after being a good attendee back in Melbourne. A chance to chat and swap books, and meet new people.

Last night was another installment of the WBBS nights, which took up to Goldhawk tube station, and to an Ethiopian restaurant in that area. Ordering a selection of dishes for the group, the food comes out in little dishes and is then distributed on a huge pancake for the whole group. Then it's dig in with fingers, tearing bits of the pancake and scooping up the assortment of curries. Was very yum! And cheap!

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