Monday, June 12, 2006

Rainbow House Party

Yesterday our house hosted a house party, to welcome in the summer weather. Spot on with timing, it seems that summer arrived in London last weekend, and is not here to stay. A BBQ up on the terrace, with many drinks seemed to be the way to go!

Brainstorming for a theme for the party, we eventually decided that each of the four housemates would specify a different colour to be worn by their guests. Nicole was blue, Toni was yellow, my friends were to wear green, and Nata's red.

Thinking it would be interesting to watch the colours mingle, and cluster. The BBQ was fired up (thanks, Charles!), and the drinks were flowing. The sun was hot on the balcony, at last!

Sunset was gorgeous, and very late, so it was a long and silly night.

Piecing the evening together with the house the next morning has been quite funny. (More photos)


  1. Nice idea. Sorry I didn't make it in the end. I just felt shattered after being out in the sun all day. Hope you had fun and see you soon.

  2. You didn't let my brother cook on a BBQ? Hell, you were asking for trouble.


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