Saturday, June 24, 2006


Yesterday, Laura, Charlotte and I took half a day off work, and went into Hyde Park for the O2 Wireless Festival.

First up for the day was little Missy Higgins from Melbourne. Cute, sitting up on the stage at her keyboard, and belting out her songs. She's a bit more polished than those first tv appearances she made when she hit the big time back home, and has lost that ocker Aussie twang in some of her songs. Ending with Scar, of course, but she mingled in some new stuff, and all the big numbers from her album.

Next up was Violent Femmes...a little blast from the past! So early uni days for me! Add It Up, Please Do Not Go, Blister In The Sun and Kiss Off all sung by men in their late fifties...very weird!

After them was KT Tunstall, another cute little lass, from Scotland, who I have been listening to a lot since coming to the UK (thanks, Charles!!).

The park started to fill up for KT, and the temperature started to drop! People finally stood up, and KT gave long monologues between each song in her cute Scottish accent.

Big numbers like Black Horse and The Cherry Tree, Under The Weather, and Other Side Of The World, plus she did my favourite, Miniture Disasters. Ended with Suddenly I See, after doing a few newbies too.

A quick score check on the big screen in the back of the festival area for the soccer, we then returned to the main stage for David Gray as the sun was setting behind us. He was very mellow, and quite sexy!! Hee hee!

Sounds like whilst I was enjoying the music in the park, I missed one of the most exciting, most intense games of football in Australian history...lucky Australia won, and there's another one to watch on Monday!!

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