Sunday, March 18, 2007


>I mean, babies! I can't look after a chea pet!

Andrea came over on Friday with the twins. This was her first outing with just her and the two of them. They pulled up in the new family wagon, all strapped in and cute!

Over for lunch, Katie and I got to swap twins and gazed at the little wonders. Almost a month old, they are becoming distinct little faces, individual, and bigger! Still tiny, but gaining.

Charli seems to be the leader of the pack so far, according to Andrea, with little Cooper cuddling up to her during sleep, and often holding on to her arm. Cute! She's a little bigger of the two, also.

Andrea tells of sleepless nights, with two hourly feeds, and the joy of twins being that once one has finished a feed, and then the other, it's time for the whole process again. The babies seem to sleep fine during the day, however!

A feed for both babies, before heading off to the health nurse for a regular check up. It was great to see the three of them.

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