Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Paddy's Day in Melbourne

Saturday morning arrived, and Jessie, Noodles, Kelly and I got dressed in our best green, ready for a big day of marking St Patrick's Day.

We were to have a big breakfast at the pub, but were soon turned away by an overwhlemed cook (don't think they were really prepared for us!), so we lined our stomachs with breakfast at the Vic Market just across the road. Back to Bev and Mick's we opened our beer account with bottles of Heineken - all for the quest of earning a green and orange "loudspeaker" hat for the day! Our mission accomplished, it was time for Guinness, and some very bad singing. Jessie was working on her best Pirish accent (an unfortunate but funny blend of pirate and Irish), in her attempts to blend in with the crowd.

Joined by Clinton, and then eventually D'Arcy and Trent, we walked up the road to The Drunken Poet. Very reminicent of my St Paddy's Day in Dublin, this pub was full of Irish drinkers, rugby jumpers, and accents!

The crowd was loud, and proudly Irish. Magners was flowing, and the Irish tunes were belting out of the jukebox - and out of our loudspeaker hats at times, I am afraid!

Hearing of the Ireland win in the World Cup, putting Pakistan out, the next day as we nursed our hangovers, made for a very merry Paddy's Day on the green isle, I am sure!

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  1. Completely different to our Paddy's day in Paris (granted we weren't in Paris to celebrate Paddy's day). There were Scottish flags everywhere and heaps of men in kilts wandering around. It confused us for a while until we discovered Scotland was playing France in the Six Nations that evening.

    I wore my Guiness tshirt to celebrate :D


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