Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A BookCrossing Catch

Last week I heard back from my 35th BookCrossing catch! Very exciting to hear that someone has found a book you have released, and that they will read it and pass it along.

This book was released at the Eureka Stockade here in Ballarat last Wednesday, and was picked up by a local! The new member journaled it on the same day on which I released it, and says that they will read and release it again.

Most of my BookCrossing catch success has been while I have been traveling. I have had catches from releases in Adelaide, Darwin, Bangkok (which found it's way to Germany!), and Edinburgh.

My most impressive catch, however, was a book that I caught myself when I was in Phnom Penh. The book was registered and released by a BookCrosser from Laos, and I managed to track it down through the Go Hunting pages. I found it, journaled it, and then read it on my way to Tokyo. In Tokyo I released it in my ryokan...where it was found, journaled by someone from Venezuela, who says they left it in Peru! I wonder where it will show up next!

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  1. Dude, that's amazing you've had that many catches. I've only had 2 and I felt like a stalker trying to see who would pick it up. That was very exciting tho. They now have YouTube video's on the site for some cool tracking of the Bookcrossing gatherings and catches and releases.


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