Friday, March 30, 2007

Charlotte in Melbourne

On Sunday I went to the station to pick Miss Charlotte up. She flew in from New Zealand to spend a few days with me here in Melbourne, before making her way back to the UK.

We wandered around the sights of the city that day, taking in Fedration Square, and all the crowds for the Food and Wine Festival (and to same some ice cream - some things never change!!). I also took her along the river, and in through the shops and sights of Southbank, before heading down to sunny St Kilda.

Leilah and Vincent were also down for the weekend, and thus, the four of us had lunch and drinks at The Vineyard with all the cool people. A little London, and HCML reunion, we got to catch up on all the gossip, and the time between now and when we were all there together.

Four months at home, Charlotte's Noo Zeeland accent is back and strong! Ever the point of fun for me, being called "Teesh" again, and hearing her vowel exchange in many words...cute!

Monday night we met for drinks at Transport, and then yesterday Miss Charlotte came to meet me at lunchtime, and we wandered along to trendy Degraves Street, and had a fast lunch at Cafe Andiamo.

Last night Heath, Jessie and I took Miss Charlotte out to the airport, to catch her flight back to London, to start all over again! We enjoyed a typical Aussie meal of fish and chips (fush and chups!) at P.J. O'Brien's out at the terminal, before she disappeared through those silver doors, and on to the other side of the world! Have fun, Miss Charlotte!

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  1. hey teesh, see i do visit your blog! love the comments and the piss take of the accent, although i was mistaken for an aussie remember - a detail you failed to include! and what about the clevage shot - nasty! chantty would be proud though. she can't wait till summer so she can 'get the girls out'!!
    hope you are well. lots of love


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