Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh Mercy and Little Birdy

With the office deserting Friday night drinks, I met Katie and Kylie just outside of our Project 2009 destination, Marrakech. Having picked this venue for Virginia's birthday drinks, we were looked up and down for entry and grilled about having our name on the door...pulling Virg's name out got us in eventually!

Walking down into the dark opium den-like cavern, we stumbled through the dark rooms for a couple of drinks, and after confusion about the bathroom (and finding a broken seat...), we decided we would move on for pre-gig food and further drinks. Finding Brisq along Little Collins, we made our way inside for more beers and quite impressive pizzas.

Our night however, was actually focused on the HiFi Bar. Showing our tickets to the sold out event, we grabbed another drink upstairs as the first act played, before we got downstairs and grabbed a posse on the end of the steps down to the front of the stage, giving us a full view.

Little Oh Mercy were up next, a show I had been anticipating since we booked these tickets. Their sound seemed very loud, and it seemed like our little foursome were a little overwhelmed at playing at such a full and large venue.

In My Stride as an opener, the band showcased their new EP to this crowd, with Eliza not only featuring with backing vocals, but talked to us! She's coming out her her shell, which is very exciting! Alex, charismatic as always, led up through tracks like Seemed Like A Good Idea, Lay Everything On Me, and still my favorite, Salvation Jane.

A brief interlude, and then the headline act of the night, Little Birdy emerged onto stage, with Katy Steele starting with the strong and powerful Brother.

Switching guitars, and later playing keyboard, Katy had the crowd eating out of her palm, singing along, and captivated throughout. Tracks like Please Don’t Lay Me Down and Better Off Alone gave us the full power of that voice. She played Beautiful alone on stage, mesmerising the crowd.

Treated with Six Months In A Leaky Boat, and the amazing Hairdo, the encore included Into My Arms and album title track, Confetti. Amazing band live....stunning! We walked away totally blown away!

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