Wednesday, January 26, 2005

PINARC Farewell

The girls and Barry from PINARC took me out to lunch today at The Boatshed, for my last few days of work. (This is just the second time we have had a farewell for you, isn't it, someone asked!) I have loved slipping back into my old job, catching up with people and meeting new members of the team. PINARC and the Making a Difference team is still one of the best places I have worked.
Deb and Heather assure me that I could come back and work there anytime...I just hope that I make it in the big wide world for a least a couple of months before I need to cash in on that offer! Hee hee!

The MaD and PINARC gang, at my work farewell lunch.
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  1. I love the boat shed!

    Don't forget you're moving to Sydney when you move back to Australia *G*.

  2. Ahhhh, Sydney! Where all the hot single, nice, respectful single boys are, right? You will have to keep me posted, and provide evidence for the justification for a move to Sydney!!


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