Monday, January 31, 2005


This time tomorrow I will be hitting the highway from Ballarat to the airport, with the family. Flight is at 5.30 tomorrow afternoon. Of course, I have a lot to do today, packing, and organising what I need to take, and what I can leave behind.

I am not as anxious about packing everything up and going this time. I know now that whatever I forget, I can buy wherever I need it. I guess I have learnt that being over-prepared is a pain...well, in the back! I am worried enough about my luggage allowance. I guess I am also less concerned about saying goodbye to everyone, too. I will be just am email or a text away...and surely there will be lots of visitors for me when I am settled somewhere!

I have managed to get in contact with an agency who is going to set me up as a live-in carer for a few months upon arrival to the UK, which has made the finances seem a bit more managable. Not the most glamourous of work, but will allow me to see a bit of the country, and work out where I would like to be the most. Plus it will be more flexible than a real job...which means the important things like the Ashes will be possible!

So tomorrow, it will be Goodbye Oscar and Monty...Goodbye Alfredton...Goodbye Loreto (I will miss the dreaded 10 year reunion this year, with a good excuse!)...Goodbye exciting city of Ballarat...Goodbye much loved Melbourne...and hello adventure!

In the meantime, I have a last Sunday family roast today, and then a night in front of the tennis. C'mon Aussie! (Disclaimer: I don't actually like Lleyton himself...but he is an can't not cheer him on tonight!)

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  1. Hey Tashy!

    Hope the packing has gone well. Will see you at the airport in a few hours - make sure Mum gets any tears out early cos I am that tired from the last week of tennis anything could happen!!! hehehe

    Love Lissy!


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