Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I am a sore loser. I am absolutely gutted to have lost The Ashes today. Am stunned. Didn't really think we would, in a million!

I am sunburnt, grumpy, tired, still a little hungover, and I have a headache from the constant chanting that went on around us all day today. I did leave when the change of innings finally came - got out of there alive while I still could!!

Yesterday a group of us headed down to Regent's Park to watch the day's play on the big screen. Or to endure the bad light delays, as it turned out. Charles, Steve and Karen, Shane, and I set up our spot on the grass and watched what play actually happened.

Poised for a tough day for all, Charles and I met Steve outside the Oval this morning to take our seats for the final day of The Ashes series - with the game and series in the balance. A couple of wickets later, a hat trick possibility, and two fully nude streakers (one male and one female) had all occured before my hangover had managed to clear!

But reality soon started to set in as I finally joined the round, with all together too many English runs being scored for things to go our way. The lads left me after tea, to the delight of the crowd around me. I stayed on, thinking leaving is poor form, and as punishment was serenaded with the "get your shit stars off our flag..." tune by the English crowd around me. Nice!

I finally snuck out at a drinks break, not sure how else to depart without getting too much unwanted attention, and before the crowd got any more excited. (More photos.)

I can't believe I was there to see England win back The Ashes. A dark day in Aussie sport, indeed!

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