Monday, March 06, 2006

City Hall

Before dashing off to the movie today, Jenny and I went along to one of the few open days at London's City Hall. Hearing about it from one of the blogs I read, I thought we could check out the two main attractions there, just for something different.

Downstairs they have the London Photomat, an aerial photo of London, supposedly big enough to pick out your house! We thought that with our apartment's roof, we may be able to see our couches!! Hee hee!!

It was quite cool, if you knew London above ground well enough!! Not driving over here, and thus not having to know the roads and how to get to anywhere, I must admit locating our suburb was hard enough!! Travelling on the Underground, and only knowing areas based on how to get there by transport, I really am a bit lost!!

We had a bit of an idea, thanks to areas such as Regent's Park to guide us, and I think we located our rough whereabouts. Then, I took 15 giant leaps away from there to find Shit Creek...errrr, I mean, Croydon, where I work!! (More photos.)

After this, we hit the elevators to the top of the building where London's Living Room (!!) is. Hmmm, yep! Empty and devoid of any character!! Hee hee.

But the balcony offers great views, and a good photo angle for Tower Bridge and the city.

Tower Bridge from London's Living Room
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