Monday, March 20, 2006

Under the Table

Three days of cricket at the most beauitful ground I have been to to see a game of sport, and it's all over! Of all the places a match could happily drag on, so that we could soak up the scenary, it would have been this one, but alas!

Day One we figured out how to get the Bongo Bongo taxi into town (a hop on hop off local van that runs around the city), and then which train to get to get out to the ground, at Newlands. Once we were there, we set up our place amongst the Waving The Flag crew on the hill, and admired the stunning view of Table Mountain hovering over the ground. Overcast, it was still spectacular, and a good day for cricket.

Day Two was sunny, and the match was in full swing. Halfway through the second session, however, it was a famous Cape Town power outage...and there was not power for the scoreboards, the PA announcer and his music, the power to the food outlets, and the lights in the dingy bathrooms. Noone knew what was going on. I know we lost a wicket during that time, but was not counting the runs to know how many Gilly managed to make out there in the middle!! (More photos)

After the cricket we met up with a mate of Charles', who took us out for dinner in the open air of Camps Bay, which was on the other side of the mountain, with the Lion's Head of Table Mountain at one angle, and the ocean at the other. Having dinner under the stars here was gorgeous.

Day Three, and it was looking like we would be having some spare days in Cape Town afterall. Stuart Clark had a blinder, and the match was wrapped up at the end of the day, with the Aussies gaining an easy 1-0 lead. A huge night was in order!

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  1. I'm a little bit slow and only just "got" the Under the Table reference! Oh dear...where did I leave my brain??? I can't say I am a cricket fan (at all!) but I do love Cape Town. I've visited SA quite a few times over the years and just love it. What a beautiful beautiful part of the world!


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