Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hawks are hot, farewell to Kimberley and The Proposition

Friday morning at work, I got to listen to the footy!! Hee hee!! Whilst continuing to bill, bill, bill (of course!! I am a working machine! Everyone knows that!!) I listened to the game beamed out of the Telstra Dome in Melbourne, into my laptop at work!!! Awesome!! Thanks to the AFL website, I could listen to the commentary, and follow the whole match. And the time different is working nicely for a Friday night game!!

And the Hawks come in with a win, Melissa calls me from the Dome so I can hear the victory song - all good. How much is everyone loving the Hawks right now!!

Friday night I headed off to Clapham area, and met Kimberley for her last get together, before she heads home to Canadia! Hee hee. Meeting Nat, Cam, Caitlin, Jack, Craig and John for drinks at Kimberley's first, we then headed off to the dodgey Swan for more drinks....to see Kimberley off in proper London style.

Saturday I soaked up the unusual London sunshine on our rooftop terrace, with a book. The first of many of those afternoons, me thinks!! Very lovely!

Sunday, after watching the London Marathon on TV, I headed out to the Everyman to meet Caitlin, to see The Proposition. Highly recommended by my Jessie, I found watching Guy Pearce on the top of a rock formation in central Australia without a dress on all wrong!! But seriously, this movie was not for the faint hearted, with some savage violence that shocks, the compelling unraveling of the story, of the tale of three brothers in early Australia, was very, very good. Will be one for Year 12 classes to analyse in years to come, I reckon!

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