Sunday, April 30, 2006

Driving around the Lakes District

After my full English breakfast at my B&B yesterday morning, I hit the road. Heading west, I drove through the valleys and around the lakes surrounded by mountains on either side. Driving through Honister Pass without another soul around was awesome! Sheep crossing the road in the tiny villages, the colours and expanse of the area were amazing.

Through towns like Siddick and Cockermonth (seriously! Where do they get these names from!!), I headed towards the sea. Coming out of the mountain surrounds, I drove through to Workington and Maryport to see the sea. Usual disappointing British beach - or lack there of. Oh, and a dirty big pipe dumping who knows what into the ocean...nice one.

I then drove on to Carlisle, and had a look at the outside of Carlisle Castle. Lunch and coffee and cake in the little streets of Carlisle before heading off again in the Fiat.

On the way back to Keswick, I managed to find the Castlerigg Circle of Stones, and stopped to have a look. A ring of rocks in the middle of a paddock, thought to be a meeting place in medieval times, surrounded by the 360 degree view of the mountains.

This morning I have set the alarm to listen to the Hawks beat Essenscum by one!! Happenchance wireless in my B&B room, the streaming was loud and proud!! Any post-September Europe planning must now go on hold!!! Hee hee. (I am not actually kidding on this one...)

Another full English breakfast just now, and now I am ready to hit the road again. I think I have finally managed to re-set my concentration levels for driving, which was actually really hard to get back. What's with watching the road when there is so much to look at....opps!! (More photos.)

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