Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Irish Rules

After trekking up to Norwich on Friday, and showing a trainee how not to do our job (!!), I rushed out to Gatwick to board my flight to Dublin. Greeted at the airport by Liz and Cathal, it was so good to see them again, before I head back home this month.

A few pints at The Beach House in Greystones that night, and a catch up with the lads from Greystones. The following morning, Liz and I took the DART into Dublin, and wondered around for a bit. We stopped in at the National Museum of Ireland for coffee, before heading to Mulligan's. Stopping here for the best Guinness in Dublin, the old man pub feel was alive and well.

We then headed over to the Porterhouse in Temple Bar, for a range of different beers, and an Irish Stew. Following this, and walk through the cold streets of Dublin to a bar called Here in gaelic, and to meet Cathal and a lads for the night. A celebration for Cathal's birthday, the night became a fun and crazy night out - as they all are in Ireland!! We finished the night at Whelan's, before we were all kicked out.

The next morning we awoke in Greystones, and worked on getting into Dublin for the match. Arriving just before quarter time, and just after all the biff action apparently, we got settled for the Australia verse Ireland battle for the International Rules, at Croke Park. The game quickly became Australia's, with the Ireland players seeming intimidated by the pace and bustle of the Aussie team. More agro from the crowd, given the recent history of these clashes,

After the match, we headed to Mulligan's again for more Guinness, and to defrost. Cathal disappered at one stage, and we had started to wonder where he had gotten to, only to see him reappear into the pub, having gone to the chipper and got me a battered sausage! Bless! One of the nicest things anyone has done for me!! It was so good! Hee hee.

I had had no luck in tracking Anne down in Dublin, who has recently moved there, Cathal spotted another of many Hawthorn shirts walking into the pub, late in the evening...and it was Anne! Was so cool to meet up with her, and talk footy and work and all things moving to the other side of the world.

Liz and Cathal walked me to the bus to get out to the airport, and say our goodbyes. Who knows where and when we will see each other now! Meeting a mate from work at the airport, and proceeding to the bar, and then the bar services on the flight back....was a large weekend, in true Irish style!!

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