Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Friendly Football?

Just when you think the game of soccer could not be any more wimpy, they also play "Friendly"s! Now when the real footy play games for exhibition or practice, it usually ends in brawls or pitch invasions....but last night I went along to the Australia verses Ghana match for none of that!

Nathan, Kylie and I headed over to Shepherd's Bush, and the QPR ground after work yesterday, to a swarm of Aussie fans. It felt like we were walking into a suburban ground in Melbourne, with the strong ocka accents everywhere - with the exception that everyone was wearing the same colours. The Socceroos jersey was everywhere!

Sitting in the cold stadium, in the Aussie half of the ground, we listened to the band in the Ghana side of the stadium play all night, while the action got under way - kick off....(I was thinking bounce down, but no!). The first half carried on, with our man Aloisi scoring the first goal of the evening at the 25 minute mark.

The stadium was out of beer at half time, which was very un-Australian, and the temperature dropped another few numbers. A reported fumble and clash at the other end of the ground ended in a Ghana score, and the match was a draw.

After watching quite a few soccer matches now, it's not as boring as it used to be for me. But still, bring on season 2007 for the AFL! Looking forward to good football matches at the MCG again.

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  1. Ah! I watched that game (first study break for the day!) and was hoping it was something you'd do before you left! Good work Tashy, can't wait to see you!! XO


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