Sunday, December 03, 2006

Adelaide Oval

Arriving in Adelaide late on Thursday night on a full flight, with only about four females on board, there were early indications of a huge week's play here. A taxi into town to find the Adelaide Central YHA, I caught up with Tom. Interrupted sleep with the lads coming in at all hours, again, the signs were there on the first night!

Day One at the pretty Adelaide Oval for the second installment of the Ashes battle, Dave, Belinda, Tom, Charles and I set up camp on the hill....for a slow, dull day of English batting. Drinks at the end of play to cure a dull day, at the Woolshed, with the girls from the Waving the Flag tours, and several of that crew.

Saturday saw another slow day of cricket, on the hill drinking half strength XXXX, and England batting. Collingwood's double century and KP in good knock put England on top.....but in boring, boring fashion.

After a power nap, Charles took us to the Grace Emily pub after some great Thai, for a gig. We saw Anthony Atkinson, over many Coopers Red. He was great, and the night turned into a rather large one for the four of us.

Today, amazingly, I made it to the cricket for the first ball, unlike the rest of the crew. However, I did manage to sleep for most of the first session, sitting up only to watch the replays of the wickets falling. The English lads around me helpfully let me know it wasn't actually worth that much effort! Not the best session for the Aussies, nor for me! I did make it there, though!

The hangover cleared, and I settled in to watch Punter score another respectable, but clearly disappointing for him, total, and Hussey also to bat well, for the day. Although playing for a draw is never as good as the real deal!

This evening I have managed to have a thirst quenching stop on the way back from the cricket with Dave, and then dinner at the much raved Italian place on Hinkley Street. The pasta was very good, and also the wine. We ended up dining on the table across from Pigeon and Bing, who must eat there every night when in Adelaide. Binga looked very good!! But perhaps McGrath needs to cut down on the bruchetta consumption!!

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